always be thankful

30 days of being thankful ... sounds easy, but to be honest, I struggled and missed a few days.  that's sad because it should never be difficult to find things in your life to appreciate.  never.

can you think of 30 things right now?  thank you for ...
1. today                                  
2. birthdays                      
3. health                                
4. my sanity ... more or less  
5. roof over my head            
6. food in the fridge              
7. clothes on my back          
8. family                              
9. friends                              
10. the sunrise                      

11. Sam, the funny one
12. Eli, the snuggler
13. homeschool
14. music
15. my macbook
16. the library
17. movies, only about 1/2 of them though ... there are waaaaay too many stupid ones out there, so I mean just the good ones, k?
18. baking sweets ... then eating them of course
19. the beach
20. days off
21. not being forced to work full time ... as of yet
22. my children (again) for not being picky eaters
23. reading bedtime stories
24. Sam reading me stories
25. morning walks
26. Jackson - our 1st baby ... let me specify, he was a dog.  RIP  we tragically had to put him to sleep THE DAY Samuel was born.  it was a bittersweet day.  a post for another day I suppose.
27. Dexter - our 2nd doggie baby.  he currently lives in SoCal.  long story, but we had to give him away.
28. Olive - our 3rd doggie baby.  RIP we had to put her to sleep because she had such terrible hip displactia.  she was only 8 months old.  so so sad.
29. Sarge - our 4th doggie baby.  another long story, but we gave him back to the family we got him from in CO.  we've had so much doggie heartache, I don't think we'll be getting another one anytime soon.
30.  last, but certainly not least, my God

there, I feel better.  you?
and I will post more thankful lists, maybe not 30 at a time, but a few here and there.  we all need a reminder from time to time.

I will help you.
and then you can help me.
help me to help you.

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