10 of 30

I'm in the shower this morning, doing my thing ... and by doing my thing I mean I'm taking a shower ... and as I'm rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, hair is coming with it.
now that is always happened, but lately, its been more than usual. Have you seen The Craft? I couldn't help but think of this:

ok, so it wasn't quite that bad, but it was enough for me to wonder.

then I remember having a full head of wonderful, thick, curly hair, mostly while pregnant. it was so nice not lose it in the shower. I think I kept every single hair on my head.

and then I thought, I'm gonna use this on my thankful list!!

I am THANKFUL that I am not pregnant, even though there are a few things I miss about it.

here's what I do miss:
  • people treating you as a priceless & fragile piece of art because of your ability make babies
  • people being so accepting of how much you eat
  • people allowing for extra naptime
  • and then of course, all the ooh's and aah's of a newborn

I am also THANKFUL I won't get pregnant, although there is that always 1 in a bazillion chance. (fyi - I was "fixed" after baby #2) I just wanted to make it clear to God I wasn't interested in having more kids, but if God has other plans, well then, I'm fine with being used for a miracle. when/if that happens, I will also change my name to Mary.

here's what I don't miss:
  • the 24/7 nausea feeling of the first 4 months
  • then after those 4 months, always being hungry
  • the extra sensitive emotions
  • feeling like an elephant ... or whale, depending on the day
  • towards the end - back aches & swollen feet
  • tossing and turning and NEVER getting comfortable
  • I could go on ...
so by being thankful for not being pregnant or getting pregnant, I cannot thank God enough for the 2 babies I did have. they are amazing human beings. and I am thankful to be entrusted with their lives (for awhile anyway) and to be called mama by the 2 sweetest little voices ever.


Laura said...

That is so funny, I have that thought all the time. I randomly turn to Mark and say "I'm so glad I'm not pregnant" all the time. As you know, pregnancy is really hard on me and I know I was totally miserable. I think we should both drink to the fact that we are not pregnant. Because we can :)

Katie said...

amen sista!