get outside

this is such an awesome freebie, I wanted to share it with you.

there is something to being outside, away from all distraction, that is so soothing. I think we all need more of that.
forget about your email, ditch your cell phones, but bring your camera!

ps. I think its free admission to most museums too. check your local favorites.


women's health

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Please share this with other women who may need Margaritas.


I don't blog when my mind is full. I know I've told you this before, but there it is again. my mind is full ... and no, I don't really want to talk about it.

even during struggles, I still know better. I still know that there are ALWAYS things to be thankful for. after all my bible tells me over and over that I'm destined for trials, but also, the great prize for persevering through. amen.

good timing Morgan, thank you.

in no particular order ...
1. I know my family loves me even though they don't agree with my decisions.
2. my children are healthy & happy.
3. my God makes sure our needs are taken care of during financial famine.
4. as strange as this may sound, I am thankful for facebook. without it, I would have never been able reconnect with certain people I have thought of daily for years.
5. vanilla lattes!
6. my father-in-law who butts in because he's needed, not because he's wanted.
7. the beach ... Hawaiian beaches at that!!
8. the opportunity to homeschool.
9. waking up with hope.
10. the brownies that just came out of the oven. mmmmmm!

warrior, part II

I just checked the back side of the warrior picture and found this -

me "Sammy, what's this?"
Sam "that's the warrior going out for pizza"
me "he must've gotten hungry after his fight, huh?"
Sam "yep, pizza is soooooo good!"



I used to have a hard time getting Sam to sit down and color, but now that he's almost 6, he likes to sit and draw. I love to see what goes on in that mind of his, because with every picture there is a story that goes with it. its so adorable.

here is his latest drawing -
Sam: "he's a warrior going on a mission"
Matt: "are those his privates?"
Sam: "yep"
Matt: "you don't have to draw those, you know"
Sam: "but I want to"

ok then

Matt took him to the Polynesian Cultural Center earlier this week and along with the luau, there is a very awesome show called Ha: Breath of Life. this show has 100+ actors/dancers, and simply, its AWESOME. check out the website and watch the trailer for the show.

the basic story is based on the circle of life and the relationship between a boy and his father. there are scenes where his dad teaches him how to fight as a boy, later on their village gets attacked, then towards the end there are the fire dancers. Sam loved the show, and apparently is still thinking about it.
I think he added his "privates" because all the men wear are these toga-type, loin cloths ... as in, one wrong move and we see everything ... of course on stage, I'm sure they have some kind of plan b. :)

if you ever come to Oahu, take a day and go here. definitely worth it!

attached at the hip

literally overnight, Elliott has gotten major separation anxiety. major.

I can't leave him in the cart at Costco during the checkout process anymore. I'm what, 3 feet away?! he used to LOVE talking with whoever was there loading the cart. he's not shy, but for whatever reason, he's not having it anymore.
today we went to the beach; it was the perfect morning for snorkeling. hubby and I have to take turns because Elliott isn't swimming yet, so my turn comes and he flips out as I go into the water. when you snorkel, you're floating on top [mostly] and so your ears go in and out of the water. I heard that boy crying and screaming the entire time I was out. apparently daddy does not suffice.

those are just the latest examples.

I was beginning to think Elliott was going to skip this stage altogether. I only vaguely remember Sam having this "issue," but it must not of been that bad if I don't really remember, right?

this too shall pass. sigh.

like I said, he's not a shy boy. Samuel and Elliott both have gotten my husband's gifting of loving people. they can easily talk with others ... which this mom is slightly paranoid about, but ultimately, I know it's God's gifting for them.

and I have to say, for Elliott especially, he can make people smile that you would NEVER expect to see smile. you know those people? angry, old people, or anyone who obviously is having a bad day; when they get a look at Elliott's face, they crack ... and I really love to witness those moments.

a clue

usually people struggle financially with school ... of course most of us do the college thing after the high school thing. not me of course. I went to high school, got married, then went to school, but then didn't finish because then I had babies ... sigh. I understand the method it's "suppose to be," ... but I believe in His plan, so I guess that doesn't matter, does it?

whenever it begins to matter in a young girls life, that's when I began struggling with what I am suppose to do. what do I want to be when I grow up? and since becoming a christian, the question becomes, what is my calling?
since I became a mommy before having to pick a career, I simply didn't have to and assumed that being a mommy was my calling. problem solved ... sort of.

since becoming a wife/mother, I've known that "my place" isn't always going to be in the home. when we had kids, we both agreed we didn't want a daycare to raise our kids. luckily, we've always had that option, and for that I am thankful. Sam is almost 6 ... so it's been 6 years now that I've been at home. coming from a life of working 2 jobs (at one time 3), and actually enjoying it, 6 years of not working at all outside the home has been, at times, difficult.

as I was working on my Avon stuff, I had a thought the other day about going back to school to become a licensed esthetician. now I honestly think the beauty industry is so full of deception, however, there is a side that is genuine, and that is the part that intrigues me. I like how a hair style and makeup is a way to express yourself, how clear skin boosts your self confidence, and the feeling your whole body can get from a single massage.

the school I want to attend is downtown and only take 7 months, but that's an hour drive each way and they require full time hours ... neither I can do right now. it was a big bummer. I don't think a door has ever closed so fast on me before.

ok God, I hear you.
and the waiting game continues ...


when I say I feel like a blob, this is what I mean ...

oh, to be fertile. sigh.