Fingerprint Friday

I haven't been on for awhile.  drama life is in full swing.
so I thought I'd come back alive, using a photo carnival/meme/thingy ... whatever they are called.  

Fingerprint Friday is a reminder that what God has created, is all around us.  literally, all around.  what stands out to you?  join us HERE, at The Rusted Chain to see what others see, and of course, leave comments.  we all love comments!

I can't help but envision God at work when I am outside.  when I am in nature, I see so much perfection, and its practically thrown in my face (in a good way!) that there is NO WAY it was accidental.

these pictures of taken in SoCal.  I am currently not in Hawaii, where everything [in nature] is more than perfect in paradise.  but there are beautiful things here too, of course.

April showers bring May flowers ... that transition from winter to spring is a strange time.  just when you think spring is here, it hails.  what?!

a baby, about to bloom.  so pretty.

after the rain.

it blows my mind how this cycle continues.
spring, life.
summer, growth.
fall, change.
winter, peace.

EVERY SINGLE detail has been thought of.  has been planned.  and its taken care of.  
now tell me, if its not God, who is it?!

no, don't answer that.  I'm not looking for another answer.

enjoy and be aware of your surroundings.
happy friday everyone!