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I paid $4.75 for a gallon of milk tonight. $4.75!! and that was the SALE price.

now granted, that was at the smaller grocery store down the street. I had to run in for just a few things. normally we shop at Costco, where you can get a gallon of milk for $3.79. I can't remember how much I used to pay for milk, but I do know it was less than that.

at this store, I bought -
creamer, bananas, ice cream, milk, and some tea ... my total was just under $25.
ps. the ice cream and the tea is for our sore throats. not to be taken at the same time of course. we all have a little something of a cold happening.

yes, Hawaii is a tad pricey.

but I am thankful that I can buy that milk. no I'm not loaded with money. I will not be buying that regularly because that would make me insane.
but some people do have to always buy that milk. they can't get to Costco for the cheaper prices. some people really struggle to live here.

we haven't had any work yet come through since we've been here. seriously!
our needs are met somehow ... I say somehow like I don't know how.

its another sign that God is really there, controlling things.
thank you.

read more thank you's here. enjoy.

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