always be thankful

30 days of being thankful ... sounds easy, but to be honest, I struggled and missed a few days.  that's sad because it should never be difficult to find things in your life to appreciate.  never.

can you think of 30 things right now?  thank you for ...
1. today                                  
2. birthdays                      
3. health                                
4. my sanity ... more or less  
5. roof over my head            
6. food in the fridge              
7. clothes on my back          
8. family                              
9. friends                              
10. the sunrise                      

11. Sam, the funny one
12. Eli, the snuggler
13. homeschool
14. music
15. my macbook
16. the library
17. movies, only about 1/2 of them though ... there are waaaaay too many stupid ones out there, so I mean just the good ones, k?
18. baking sweets ... then eating them of course
19. the beach
20. days off
21. not being forced to work full time ... as of yet
22. my children (again) for not being picky eaters
23. reading bedtime stories
24. Sam reading me stories
25. morning walks
26. Jackson - our 1st baby ... let me specify, he was a dog.  RIP  we tragically had to put him to sleep THE DAY Samuel was born.  it was a bittersweet day.  a post for another day I suppose.
27. Dexter - our 2nd doggie baby.  he currently lives in SoCal.  long story, but we had to give him away.
28. Olive - our 3rd doggie baby.  RIP we had to put her to sleep because she had such terrible hip displactia.  she was only 8 months old.  so so sad.
29. Sarge - our 4th doggie baby.  another long story, but we gave him back to the family we got him from in CO.  we've had so much doggie heartache, I don't think we'll be getting another one anytime soon.
30.  last, but certainly not least, my God

there, I feel better.  you?
and I will post more thankful lists, maybe not 30 at a time, but a few here and there.  we all need a reminder from time to time.

I will help you.
and then you can help me.
help me to help you.

silver & gold

make new friends
but keep the old
some are silver
and the others gold

I learned this as a brownie.  (if you're not familiar, that's like a baby girl scout)
not sure if there is more to it or not.  anyone heard this before?  I ought to google it.  anyway ...

I have always had few close friends.  as you know, I'm on the introvert side, so opening up to less people fit me fine.  still does.
moving around as much as I have, it seems I don't have any.  none that I can go hang out with anyway.  my hubby can make 20 friends in one day.  not me.

making friends, to me, fits my assumption of what dating is like.  exchanging numbers, hanging out a few times to see if you have lots to talk about, if you're kids get along, etc.  people cancel your playdate, forget to call, or give you stupid excuses.  its like another game I don't need, or want.

most of the time I'm glad I don't have phone calls to return.  my alone time is down to once a week, so its valuable to me.  I can be alone with my thoughts, or, veg out and not think at all.

then of course when the sh*t hits the fan and things get rough, you wish someone was there for you giving their 2cents.  so you know you're not crazy.  or to get an outside perspective.  or just to get a hug.

there are people I have known in my thirty-something years that have really stuck with me.  in my head and in my heart.
people I will always think of and remember, no matter where I end up in life.

I am glad all my "friends" are online (thanks to this guy)  and yes, I'll admit, it is a tad pathetic, but as it is, I have no choice.
but its ok, I've already been through all the preliminary dating stuff with them, so we're good.

one of those friends came through for me tonight with some much needed encouragement.  

thank you, to my silver & gold friends
love to all

Hawaii driving lesson

just fyi on driving in Hawaii -

1. fast drivers = locals, which means, the s-l-o-w drivers = tourists.  and oh my goodness, are they slow!  all cars here have Hawaiian license plates, there are exceptions, but only a few.  unless you had JUST bought an awesome, brand new, great gas mileage car, you don't bring your mainland car to the islands.  you just don't.  those tourists stick out like sore thumb, and obviously so annoying on the road.  I've been here 6 months; is that enough time here to complain about them?
if you come to visit, call someone you know to give you the tour.  like me!!  seriously, call me.  that way, you can stare out the window, or even stick your head all the way out to feel that warm hawaiian breeze, see everything, and just take it aaaaaaaaaall in. 

2. the freeway says 55-60 but people drive 70-75 ... that's normal thought, right?  coming from CA, that still conservative driving!

3.  logistically, the freeway is very different.  if you miss your exit on the mainland, you just get off at the next one, turn around, and go back.  not a problem.  if you miss you exit here, basically, you're screwed.  every single exit ... every single one ... is an entrance to another highway.  there is no where to turn around.  none.  gps is a slight help. you're never completely lost, but you do still have to take the long-ass way around, um, scenic route to wherever you're going.  total pain.
I wanted to carpool with someone to a class field trip we had, so I put her address in the gps and off I went.  well, it was me driving, and I of course miss the exit.  I normally have this gps set to go whatever route gets me there in the fastest time, well, I had to literally drive 15 miles to a certain exit to be able to turn around.  of all exits, it was the flippin' airport!  no airport is THAT easy to get in and out.

so so so ridiculous.
but of course it IS an island.  you can't get THAT lost, right?

oh, and let me add ...

I am thankful to have a car!

Costco freebie

what is not to LOVE about Costco?
aside from the fact your home better have lots of storage because you just get 6 rolls of toilet paper, you get somewhere closer to 100 ... ok, maybe more like 30.
- AND -
if you have to REALLY like granola bars, because when you buy those, you'll have one everyday for a year and still not get rid of them.

luckily, I have 2 boys & 1 husband that LOVE to eat.
and eat.  and eat.
and then eat some more.

you could say Costco works for us!

my point to this post ...

Costco is giving away Smart Cooking: The Costco Way for FREE all weekend long ... or as supplies last.  its a cookbook with recipes using ingredients from Costco + some easy stuff you probably already have on hand ... that's what the foreward says anyway.

go get it, and then tell me what you make from it.
I don't know where to begin; ALL the pictures look delicious!

bon appetit!

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a big thank you to my bed.
think king size.  pillow top.  clean sheets.

I LOVE clean sheets.

... zzz ZZZ zzz ...

sadly, I have no headboard.
moving here cost me everything design-wise.
a sad thing for me.
I miss it.

but I'm thankful none-the-less.

look at these 2 cute beds I randomly found ...

hubby would totally not approve.
still, very cute.

got $1?

I always loved going to the $1 store. hey, what can I say? I'm easy to please.

I know most of it is junk ...
which really means, give it to my kids and it will break within 5 minutes guaranteed. but then again, there are some items that are very worthy of my $1. sadly I haven't found a $1 store here. its a bummer because that is where I'd buy crafty supplies for the kids ...

totally not my point. sorry.

I've been doing some Avon research and found THIS. what a great way to spend a buck, don'tcha think?

my thanksgiving resolution (because why New Year's, right?) is to really put in the effort to have a legitimate business. I've read so many inspiring stories of women who got hooked up with Avon and ran with it; ran far. why not me, right? right ... I'll just go ahead and answer for you.

ps. when you donate, that $1 doesn't go to me, nor do I get any kind of credit for it. Avon has some really great outreach programs happening; this is just one.

... baby steps ...
for nature,for business, in anything. all you can do is try your best, one step at a time.
should I write daily motivational emails? hahaha. no.

pps. FREE shipping on all orders this weekend only. use coupon code: FREE2010

no more counting

to me, from me -
ok, so blogging everyday is just not happening, BUT I've gotten better ... so no complaints.

to you, from me -
today is Thanksgiving ... maybe you didn't know?

I hope you are surrounded with great company and delicious food today. let the glass be 1/2 full, today and everyday.

<------ this kid here is amazing. I love him, and am so so thankful for him.
here is Samuel in his homemade Indian costume. homemade crafts are the best, don't you agree?!

we did a lesson on pilgrims, indians, and what thanksgiving is all about ... in translation, while he did crafts, I told him a story. but whatever. it got in his head. he kinda, sorta, not really knows ... and I'm ok with that. he's 6. history is a requirement later on in school, not in 1st grade! I think the jist of some things is enough at this stage.

don'tcha wish you had a teacher like me?! ha!

and then there's this kid. ----->
he too is amazing ... in his own strong-willed child sort of way. but I love love love him none-the-less and wouldn't trade him for anything ... maybe for a day, but certainly not forever. :)

Elliott and craft time simply don't go together. he has recently been officially banned from crayons, markers, and the like. I will literally be sitting next to him, and he STILL is a total rebel.

with crayons he no longer eats them; that's the good news. that would be too easy. instead he will take a bite, chew it up, then spit it out. he apparently likes to see all the colors in chunks on the floor.
with markers, he usually starts off good. but then without fail, he will "accidentally" color off the page, onto the furniture, onto his arms & the rest of his body, or even back in his mouth.

needless to say Elliott did not join us in our Thanksgiving craft time this year. here's hoping for next year though!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

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I love my coffee ... from my french press ... with my vanilla creamer. yummmmmmmmm.

this is my exact french press; from Starbucks. I got the funky green one because its the one that was on sale ... go figure. ha! ps. yes, I know its ugly ... to me, it qualifies as being one of those items that is so ugly its cute. do you have anything like that? wait, can a kitchen "appliance" be ugly? yep. ok then. moving on ...

I've been told that coffee from a press is yummier, however, the only reason why I use it because 1) no ongoing purchases of coffee filters, and, 2) it makes 3 cups which is the max I'd have in one day.

the occasional bonus: I can drink a cup before children wake up

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I am continually amazed at how much food we go through, especially fruit. I have been blessed with children that literally eat everything.

ok, well, Sam doesn't eat everything. I know he doesn't like brussel sprouts ... but that might be it. Elliott on the other hand, does eat everything. definitely something to be thankful for because I've heard the stories. my sincere condolences to those moms out there dealing with that.

I think our fruit intake has increased since we've been here in Hawaii. its always summer here, so what is more perfect than a perfectly ripened piece of fruit ... oh, and when its cold too, yum!

I think we go through bananas & strawberries the fastest ... its more like true love.

even though you could grow strawberries here, I don't think many farmers do. you can see it in the price at the store. like everywhere, summer is the best time to get the yummiest, and cheapest, kind of strawberries.
on the other hand, bananas do grow here. LOTS in fact, year round. I will intentionally buy the biggest bunch I see, knowing we'll go through them, which is always faster than I intend. let's just say, there is NO WAY I will have bananas long enough to make some banana bread.

Elliott is so anxious to eat a banana, that he wants to go for it while its still green. so one day I let him. ew. have you ever bit into a banana that wasn't ready? ew. but when they are ready, watch out. these boys will run for them, eating 2 or 3 in a day.

I'm always worried what eating that many bananas will do to their bodies, as in "will there be enough tp in the bathroom?" as usual, my random mommy worries amount to nothing ... does this mean they need that much?

I can never remember which fruit has what nutrients. I remember that bananas (along with broccoli) is a super-food that has LOTS in it. that's enough to remember, right? I just know you get what your body needs when you eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies.

so that's how I serve it around here, as rainbows. :)

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I think every mom gets to a point and realizes that if she doesn't add herself to the "take care of" list, she will (unconsciously) begin to slowly lose herself and go a little crazy. seriously, it happens.

I have begun a new chapter and started back into the design world ... I think I posted this not too long ago.

but today, I'm adding it to my thankful list!

I'm hoping what appears to be a chapter in my life, is a long-er one; more of a season, and that this class I'm taking turns into something. SOMETHING.

for me, design is fun. and its even more fun when you don't have a picky someone harping in your ear, telling you what to do. haha!

when a room is put together the right way, it creates feelings. feelings of peace and calmness the bedroom, evoking hunger in the kitchen, comfort in the family room ... you get it. I think the most basic rule in the design world, that they don't actually teach you, is that if you're not feeling anything, the design is wrong.

also, fyi, the most simple, cheapest way to create feeling in any room ... paint. color can transform your world! seriously.

what are you thankful for?

find more thank you blogs here.

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earlier this morning I heard the boys playing in the other room. I could tell it was getting heated, as in, Elliott was doing something toddlers love to do, and in turn, it drives older siblings crazy. it has been a process in teaching Sam how to deal with someone who doesn't know better ... I'll just leave it at that ... but before I heard hitting &/or screaming that normally follows, I hear Sam say "it was YOUR choice not to listen Elliott!"

guess who usually says that in this house?

this afternoon, as we're doing our schoolwork, Sam says to me "will you excuse me for a minute mom?"
after that instant shock wore off, I said "of course!"

this bad mommy will admit, my manners are not quite THAT good. that is one I don't usually say (ok, I never say that) but am thankful he picked it up wherever he did!

Moms, let us try not to focus on the bazillion times we have to say things, but rather, know that it gets in there, somewhere around the 500th time is my guess. it eventually comes out into practice, this one I'd say is closer to the 1,000,000th time its said.

think of the payoff that comes. as always, it will be when you least expect it. and, its something to be thankful for.

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(making up for yesterday - sick in bed again. I don't know what's up with that ... I'm rarely the sick one)

I don't know how a state goes about choosing its state flower, but I think Hawaii ought to change theirs.

the hibiscus is big, and huge, and I've only seen it in a few colors. there is no stem to cut so you can put it in a vase, and its way too huge to pick and put behind your ear, as Hawaiians traditionally do. maybe there are different breeds where you can do that, I don't know.

the hibiscus, of course, grows everywhere here. its paradise, what doesn't grow here, right?! but its missing something ... it doesn't really smell. I don't know about you, but I enjoy smelling my flowers.

plumeria ought to be the new state flower ... in my humble opinion. :)

these plumeria also grow everywhere and are in major abundance. in fact, most leis I've seen are made from these.

they grow on trees ... and Sam loves them because the trees are low enough for him to climb. he'll always go up
and then come down with a flower for me.

all together now - awwwwwwww! he knows I love them.

look at these pictures; they come in lots of colors. so pretty!

the one thing I can't really share with you is their smell.
its soft & sweet. think along the lines of a gardenia, but not so strong.

we have a plumeria tree right outside our back window.
since we are on the second floor, we see the very top of the tree, where a lot of the blooms are. I can smell these flowers everyday.

its a nice way to start the day!!

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I'm losing it ... I've missed another day. no excuse. lazy, perhaps? probably.

I am thankful for the online groups, the tweets, and the blogs I have that give me coupons, deals, and freebies.

that's worth 2 days, right?

I sign up for freebies all the time. it takes awhile to get to me in Hawaii, but still, well worth it. I honestly don't do it to try new products, I do it because they're FREE!! I have a cheap side and so I absolutely LOVE when I get these in the mail. there are too many to keep track of, so I simply sign up for all of them whenever I see them, and they get here when they get here.

coupons take awhile to sort through & organize. in fact, I still don't really have a system. (any help there would be appreciated) but I go through and print what I know I'll use right away; again, I'm not organized enough to print and save them for when those items go on sale ... see, I need to develop my cheap side even more. still, it helps. every little bit helps.

A quick shout out to these awesome ladies (& gents?) who make a difference for lazy moms like me ...
often they all post the same thing, but sometimes they don't to.
I tell ya, I get more products for that time-of-the-month than anything else ... but I'm ok with that. and of course, when you get a sample in the mail, a coupon is bound to be there too!

when you do this, MAKE SURE you don't put your regular email address on their forms. you will get TONS of useless junk ... unless of course you want to feel special by receiving 100+ emails everyday ... but I don't think you do.

if you have other sites that help save you time & money, let me know.

read more thank you's here ...

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I missed a couple of days ... my apologies.
this cold is lingering, and I've been trying to sleep it off.

I'm thankful for ...
  • sleep!
  • happy that its not the flu
  • and that I can still get up to go walking
  • and that no one else is getting it

today is a big day here. Elliott has decided his #2's go in the potty. yay! getting closer to being anti-diaper around here ... of course its only the beginning, and its a long road, but I'm all for baby steps!

with Sam, I think I turned it into something bigger than it was. I bought pull-ups too early; he just didn't get it. I was so anxious for him to excel at something early on ... stupid, I know, but I was ready to see the impossible right before my eyes!

with Elliott, I never pressured him into it. we'd talk about it, but I never made it an issue. in fact, we haven't even bought him a potty chair to "practice" on.

I do think having an older sibling has put a healthy dose of peer pressure on him, not just with this, with all things. I just want to be careful he isn't always measuring himself against his brother ... can that even be stopped? we shall see in the years to come.

just in case, got any potty training tips for me?

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my sore throat is ... sore.
coughing ensues.

please don't recommend I gargle with salt water.
I did that once, and I will NEVER do that again.
safe to say the grossest thing ever.

thank you Tazo for yummy tea, especially for my today.

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I'm in the shower this morning, doing my thing ... and by doing my thing I mean I'm taking a shower ... and as I'm rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, hair is coming with it.
now that is always happened, but lately, its been more than usual. Have you seen The Craft? I couldn't help but think of this:

ok, so it wasn't quite that bad, but it was enough for me to wonder.

then I remember having a full head of wonderful, thick, curly hair, mostly while pregnant. it was so nice not lose it in the shower. I think I kept every single hair on my head.

and then I thought, I'm gonna use this on my thankful list!!

I am THANKFUL that I am not pregnant, even though there are a few things I miss about it.

here's what I do miss:
  • people treating you as a priceless & fragile piece of art because of your ability make babies
  • people being so accepting of how much you eat
  • people allowing for extra naptime
  • and then of course, all the ooh's and aah's of a newborn

I am also THANKFUL I won't get pregnant, although there is that always 1 in a bazillion chance. (fyi - I was "fixed" after baby #2) I just wanted to make it clear to God I wasn't interested in having more kids, but if God has other plans, well then, I'm fine with being used for a miracle. when/if that happens, I will also change my name to Mary.

here's what I don't miss:
  • the 24/7 nausea feeling of the first 4 months
  • then after those 4 months, always being hungry
  • the extra sensitive emotions
  • feeling like an elephant ... or whale, depending on the day
  • towards the end - back aches & swollen feet
  • tossing and turning and NEVER getting comfortable
  • I could go on ...
so by being thankful for not being pregnant or getting pregnant, I cannot thank God enough for the 2 babies I did have. they are amazing human beings. and I am thankful to be entrusted with their lives (for awhile anyway) and to be called mama by the 2 sweetest little voices ever.

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I paid $4.75 for a gallon of milk tonight. $4.75!! and that was the SALE price.

now granted, that was at the smaller grocery store down the street. I had to run in for just a few things. normally we shop at Costco, where you can get a gallon of milk for $3.79. I can't remember how much I used to pay for milk, but I do know it was less than that.

at this store, I bought -
creamer, bananas, ice cream, milk, and some tea ... my total was just under $25.
ps. the ice cream and the tea is for our sore throats. not to be taken at the same time of course. we all have a little something of a cold happening.

yes, Hawaii is a tad pricey.

but I am thankful that I can buy that milk. no I'm not loaded with money. I will not be buying that regularly because that would make me insane.
but some people do have to always buy that milk. they can't get to Costco for the cheaper prices. some people really struggle to live here.

we haven't had any work yet come through since we've been here. seriously!
our needs are met somehow ... I say somehow like I don't know how.

its another sign that God is really there, controlling things.
thank you.

read more thank you's here. enjoy.

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I'd like to thank myself for getting off my own lazy butt. seriously.

exercise has been a good thing for me. yes, losing weight is an awesome thing (I have a good 20lbs to go) but for me it magically removes stress. not all of it, but a significant amount to make a noticeable difference. my emotions clog me up and walking seems to help ... good music is required because I have a major hill to climb each time!

there is something that leaves my body along with my sweat ... some way or another ... it somehow vanishes. my hormones would like to thank you, er, me, as well as Auntie Flo hasn't been such a, how can I say, um, bitch.
  • I've tried doing Wii Fit at naptime, but now that is the majority of our homeschool time.
  • I've tried involving the children going swimming, but we can never keep a consistent schedule.
  • I've succumbed to what I never wanted to be, and that's a morning person. I have to get up at 5am in order to walk by 6am, home by 7am ... if I'm lucky, they will still be sleeping when I get home.
lately, that has not been the case with Elliott. as I walk in the door, I've found him in the fridge with food everywhere ... he's usually so happy to see me, so its hard to get him in trouble for entertaining himself.
ps. I don't just leave the kids home alone, hoping they stay sleeping. dad is around, he's still sleeping too ... the bum!

its been so nice having this time, that its now necessary. I can feel it emotionally if I don't go. I good habit to start, I suppose. helps with the drinking water habit I'd like to have too.

anyway, a big thank you to me (can I do that?) for finding a solution and sticking with it! whoo-hoo!
what can you thank yourself for today?

pps. isn't it "funny" how this post follows the last one? just something I noticed :)

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whoever put peanut butter and chocolate together, you are my hero.

and know that I think you're a genius.

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Hawaii is something to be thankful for.
its beautiful. I can see why people call this place paradise.
I can't wait to visit the other islands; we're told that each island has its own "flavor." I've only been on Oahu and Maui, but hey, I'm not complaining!
fyi - these are not my pictures, but I feel like I been standing in each spot to take them. you will see each of these on your visit ... yes, come visit! and yes, the water really is THAT clear and blue and gorgeous!

booking a flight yet?

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Fridays are something to be thankful for, but not for the same reasons everyone else has. the weekend is just another day. however, for me, Friday is not.

I've had to twist the arm of a certain someone just so I can have a day to myself.
a day off from what has become my constant.

don't get me wrong, I love my children and see it as a blessing to be able to raise them instead of some day care, however, my introverted self needs to just be left alone. please, I beg you.

every week I get to a point where I feel like I am not cut out for this job as mom, and sometimes, I think if I were, I'd want more kids.
this is not the case. I do not want more kids.
2 is PLENTY for me.

so this day off is important to regain some confidence in myself.
to realize that God uses them to help change me, daily.
and that is the goal, right? to change.
I love them more than I thought possible, AND, I need a day off.

today my Friday includes:
my favorite Starbucks drink, this blog, as many thrift stores I can handle, and a hike up Diamond Head to watch the sunset ... all by my lovely self.

be thankful for something today.

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I'm trying to notice the little things in my day to day that make it all a bit easier. today I am extremely thankful for a good bra.

if you wear a bra where the wire is a bit twisted, or maybe its now too big (say, after you're done with nursing), or its now a tad too small, or you missed a hooked and its scratching your back with every movement, or whatever the case may be ... ladies, I know you get it. it can make your day absolutely miserable.

all seems right in the world when you have a good bra, doesn't it? at least inside my little world.

it takes time to discover what bra works best. its difficult to be sure of your exact size, the amount of coverage you like/need, wire or not, and then, like with anything else, there are various brands to choose from, and of course every one will fit a bit differently.

ladies, it may be a tad embarassing, but go get fitted. take a 1/2 a day (because realistically that's how long it takes!) and try on every single bra that store has. all brands. different sizes. different coverages & lifts. you may discover a whole new world!

here's a few tips I found; a little bra refresher course.

ps. men, you will never know what women have to go through. never.

pps. find more thankful lists here.

where's my cave?

I grew up in the midwest. we moved once when I was a kid. once.
who knew getting married would move us everywhere it has. in the last ten years, I have moved at least 10 times. we've been all over CA, into NV, over to CO, and now in HI.
its been interesting.

I get a lot of compliments from people on our why-not? perspective on moving. its mostly "wow, I wish I could do that." I think to myself, "really? ... you can if you really want."

there are 2 sides, and I fight them both every time moving comes up. I have major internal conflict because I can't decided which "side" I'm officially on.

why not go?
- its usually only circumstances holding you back. in case you don't know, circumstances change.
- there are jobs everywhere. know that money is a means; it does not define you ... or I ought to say it shouldn't define you.
- there are churches everywhere ... meaning your relationship with God isn't confined to a specific 4 walls. plus, there are always opportunities to serve others no matter where you go.
- there are relationships/friendships to be made everywhere. people are people.
- experience something different. get some culture!
- and who doesn't want to travel?! why save it for later?
later may never come.

why not stay?
- staying put allows you to really invest in things, people, places, work, etc.
- familiarity is comfortable.
- usually, you're family is close by. a big plus when you have kids.
- stability. stability. stability. did I mention, stability?
I would LOVE this kind of stability.

my personality is definitely to stay put. yes the list is shorter, but to me, each one counts as 10.

for the most part, I had a good childhood. we moved once, and I always saw that as being a good thing. it took me a long time not to associate moving & change with being a bad thing.
different is always bad, its just different.

familiarity suits me as in introvert just fine. sometimes I just want to find my cave and stay awhile ... but do you think staying comfortable teaches you anything? why change if you don't have to? I tend to think nothing will be gained while everything stays the same.

most of the time I hate the process. but God designed it that way, with reason ... for what will be obvious, eventually. right? right?!
I also have to accept, this might just be MY process.

the boys already have very different lives than I had as a kid. I think its a good thing to learn how to change easily, and, how to remain flexible due to changing circumstances. turns out I'm the only introvert in this little family of mine, so I have a feeling I'm in for more change. 1/2 of me wants to cry, scream, and have my tantrum. the other 1/2 is kinda, sorta excited about it.

I'm trying not to worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:25-34).
that's always been my biggest problem.

there's been talks of going out of the country at some point. not sure if that will happen, but then again, if you suggested to me living in Hawaii even just 2 years ago, I would've told you that you were completely crazy!! but look where I am ... I'm convinced if God didn't want us to be here, the door would have been tightly shut.

tell me, given the opportunity, would you travel the world with your kids?