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I missed a couple of days ... my apologies.
this cold is lingering, and I've been trying to sleep it off.

I'm thankful for ...
  • sleep!
  • happy that its not the flu
  • and that I can still get up to go walking
  • and that no one else is getting it

today is a big day here. Elliott has decided his #2's go in the potty. yay! getting closer to being anti-diaper around here ... of course its only the beginning, and its a long road, but I'm all for baby steps!

with Sam, I think I turned it into something bigger than it was. I bought pull-ups too early; he just didn't get it. I was so anxious for him to excel at something early on ... stupid, I know, but I was ready to see the impossible right before my eyes!

with Elliott, I never pressured him into it. we'd talk about it, but I never made it an issue. in fact, we haven't even bought him a potty chair to "practice" on.

I do think having an older sibling has put a healthy dose of peer pressure on him, not just with this, with all things. I just want to be careful he isn't always measuring himself against his brother ... can that even be stopped? we shall see in the years to come.

just in case, got any potty training tips for me?

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