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I am continually amazed at how much food we go through, especially fruit. I have been blessed with children that literally eat everything.

ok, well, Sam doesn't eat everything. I know he doesn't like brussel sprouts ... but that might be it. Elliott on the other hand, does eat everything. definitely something to be thankful for because I've heard the stories. my sincere condolences to those moms out there dealing with that.

I think our fruit intake has increased since we've been here in Hawaii. its always summer here, so what is more perfect than a perfectly ripened piece of fruit ... oh, and when its cold too, yum!

I think we go through bananas & strawberries the fastest ... its more like true love.

even though you could grow strawberries here, I don't think many farmers do. you can see it in the price at the store. like everywhere, summer is the best time to get the yummiest, and cheapest, kind of strawberries.
on the other hand, bananas do grow here. LOTS in fact, year round. I will intentionally buy the biggest bunch I see, knowing we'll go through them, which is always faster than I intend. let's just say, there is NO WAY I will have bananas long enough to make some banana bread.

Elliott is so anxious to eat a banana, that he wants to go for it while its still green. so one day I let him. ew. have you ever bit into a banana that wasn't ready? ew. but when they are ready, watch out. these boys will run for them, eating 2 or 3 in a day.

I'm always worried what eating that many bananas will do to their bodies, as in "will there be enough tp in the bathroom?" as usual, my random mommy worries amount to nothing ... does this mean they need that much?

I can never remember which fruit has what nutrients. I remember that bananas (along with broccoli) is a super-food that has LOTS in it. that's enough to remember, right? I just know you get what your body needs when you eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies.

so that's how I serve it around here, as rainbows. :)

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