no more counting

to me, from me -
ok, so blogging everyday is just not happening, BUT I've gotten better ... so no complaints.

to you, from me -
today is Thanksgiving ... maybe you didn't know?

I hope you are surrounded with great company and delicious food today. let the glass be 1/2 full, today and everyday.

<------ this kid here is amazing. I love him, and am so so thankful for him.
here is Samuel in his homemade Indian costume. homemade crafts are the best, don't you agree?!

we did a lesson on pilgrims, indians, and what thanksgiving is all about ... in translation, while he did crafts, I told him a story. but whatever. it got in his head. he kinda, sorta, not really knows ... and I'm ok with that. he's 6. history is a requirement later on in school, not in 1st grade! I think the jist of some things is enough at this stage.

don'tcha wish you had a teacher like me?! ha!

and then there's this kid. ----->
he too is amazing ... in his own strong-willed child sort of way. but I love love love him none-the-less and wouldn't trade him for anything ... maybe for a day, but certainly not forever. :)

Elliott and craft time simply don't go together. he has recently been officially banned from crayons, markers, and the like. I will literally be sitting next to him, and he STILL is a total rebel.

with crayons he no longer eats them; that's the good news. that would be too easy. instead he will take a bite, chew it up, then spit it out. he apparently likes to see all the colors in chunks on the floor.
with markers, he usually starts off good. but then without fail, he will "accidentally" color off the page, onto the furniture, onto his arms & the rest of his body, or even back in his mouth.

needless to say Elliott did not join us in our Thanksgiving craft time this year. here's hoping for next year though!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

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