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I think every mom gets to a point and realizes that if she doesn't add herself to the "take care of" list, she will (unconsciously) begin to slowly lose herself and go a little crazy. seriously, it happens.

I have begun a new chapter and started back into the design world ... I think I posted this not too long ago.

but today, I'm adding it to my thankful list!

I'm hoping what appears to be a chapter in my life, is a long-er one; more of a season, and that this class I'm taking turns into something. SOMETHING.

for me, design is fun. and its even more fun when you don't have a picky someone harping in your ear, telling you what to do. haha!

when a room is put together the right way, it creates feelings. feelings of peace and calmness the bedroom, evoking hunger in the kitchen, comfort in the family room ... you get it. I think the most basic rule in the design world, that they don't actually teach you, is that if you're not feeling anything, the design is wrong.

also, fyi, the most simple, cheapest way to create feeling in any room ... paint. color can transform your world! seriously.

what are you thankful for?

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