look what I found

can I NOT be thankful for this?!

I've seen a few of these in our apartment since I've been here. ew. I'm told its a Hawaii thing ... because I know that I'm not the most anal, organized person out there, but I'm positive I am no slob. if I leave a mess, its never food.

I found this lovely thing by total accident, in such a random place, totally unexpected, that I screamed LOUD and jumped like 5 feet. I felt like a freaked out little girl who needed daddy or something. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I was just putting laundry away in the boys' room, in a drawer where the shorts go, never food, just clothes, not too hot, not too cold, just shorts ... apparently anywhere dark works for them?! I don't know. all I do know is I don't like it, and I'm not thankful for these things ... God, can you tell me why you created these? ew.

so Sam comes running in to see; he's excited of course. Elliott wants to be excited too like his big brother, but mama is freaking out a bit, so he's not sure what to think of it.
Sam grabbed the first thing he saw which happened to be an empty carton from some grape tomatoes that came from Costco. if you recall (or maybe you don't) those containers have slits all over them, so the tomatoes aren't stored air tight. Sam caught this nasty thing and turns out it could fit through the slits ... so I'm screaming more now. so gross.

turns out this thing can fly; kind of like a chicken can fly, but not really ... cockroaches are the same. who knew?

it was all so chaotic, happening so disgusting slow but also so fast. finally Sam found some tupperware without holes, caught him again, and let him go outside. ew.

I'm sure there are people somewhere that eat these. ew. can you imagine?
they ought to come to Hawaii to collect. hey, maybe there's good money to be had. still, I don't think I could do it.

sigh ... how was your day?

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