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I'm trying to notice the little things in my day to day that make it all a bit easier. today I am extremely thankful for a good bra.

if you wear a bra where the wire is a bit twisted, or maybe its now too big (say, after you're done with nursing), or its now a tad too small, or you missed a hooked and its scratching your back with every movement, or whatever the case may be ... ladies, I know you get it. it can make your day absolutely miserable.

all seems right in the world when you have a good bra, doesn't it? at least inside my little world.

it takes time to discover what bra works best. its difficult to be sure of your exact size, the amount of coverage you like/need, wire or not, and then, like with anything else, there are various brands to choose from, and of course every one will fit a bit differently.

ladies, it may be a tad embarassing, but go get fitted. take a 1/2 a day (because realistically that's how long it takes!) and try on every single bra that store has. all brands. different sizes. different coverages & lifts. you may discover a whole new world!

here's a few tips I found; a little bra refresher course.

ps. men, you will never know what women have to go through. never.

pps. find more thankful lists here.

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