silver & gold

make new friends
but keep the old
some are silver
and the others gold

I learned this as a brownie.  (if you're not familiar, that's like a baby girl scout)
not sure if there is more to it or not.  anyone heard this before?  I ought to google it.  anyway ...

I have always had few close friends.  as you know, I'm on the introvert side, so opening up to less people fit me fine.  still does.
moving around as much as I have, it seems I don't have any.  none that I can go hang out with anyway.  my hubby can make 20 friends in one day.  not me.

making friends, to me, fits my assumption of what dating is like.  exchanging numbers, hanging out a few times to see if you have lots to talk about, if you're kids get along, etc.  people cancel your playdate, forget to call, or give you stupid excuses.  its like another game I don't need, or want.

most of the time I'm glad I don't have phone calls to return.  my alone time is down to once a week, so its valuable to me.  I can be alone with my thoughts, or, veg out and not think at all.

then of course when the sh*t hits the fan and things get rough, you wish someone was there for you giving their 2cents.  so you know you're not crazy.  or to get an outside perspective.  or just to get a hug.

there are people I have known in my thirty-something years that have really stuck with me.  in my head and in my heart.
people I will always think of and remember, no matter where I end up in life.

I am glad all my "friends" are online (thanks to this guy)  and yes, I'll admit, it is a tad pathetic, but as it is, I have no choice.
but its ok, I've already been through all the preliminary dating stuff with them, so we're good.

one of those friends came through for me tonight with some much needed encouragement.  

thank you, to my silver & gold friends
love to all

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