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I'm losing it ... I've missed another day. no excuse. lazy, perhaps? probably.

I am thankful for the online groups, the tweets, and the blogs I have that give me coupons, deals, and freebies.

that's worth 2 days, right?

I sign up for freebies all the time. it takes awhile to get to me in Hawaii, but still, well worth it. I honestly don't do it to try new products, I do it because they're FREE!! I have a cheap side and so I absolutely LOVE when I get these in the mail. there are too many to keep track of, so I simply sign up for all of them whenever I see them, and they get here when they get here.

coupons take awhile to sort through & organize. in fact, I still don't really have a system. (any help there would be appreciated) but I go through and print what I know I'll use right away; again, I'm not organized enough to print and save them for when those items go on sale ... see, I need to develop my cheap side even more. still, it helps. every little bit helps.

A quick shout out to these awesome ladies (& gents?) who make a difference for lazy moms like me ...
often they all post the same thing, but sometimes they don't to.
I tell ya, I get more products for that time-of-the-month than anything else ... but I'm ok with that. and of course, when you get a sample in the mail, a coupon is bound to be there too!

when you do this, MAKE SURE you don't put your regular email address on their forms. you will get TONS of useless junk ... unless of course you want to feel special by receiving 100+ emails everyday ... but I don't think you do.

if you have other sites that help save you time & money, let me know.

read more thank you's here ...

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