got $1?

I always loved going to the $1 store. hey, what can I say? I'm easy to please.

I know most of it is junk ...
which really means, give it to my kids and it will break within 5 minutes guaranteed. but then again, there are some items that are very worthy of my $1. sadly I haven't found a $1 store here. its a bummer because that is where I'd buy crafty supplies for the kids ...

totally not my point. sorry.

I've been doing some Avon research and found THIS. what a great way to spend a buck, don'tcha think?

my thanksgiving resolution (because why New Year's, right?) is to really put in the effort to have a legitimate business. I've read so many inspiring stories of women who got hooked up with Avon and ran with it; ran far. why not me, right? right ... I'll just go ahead and answer for you.

ps. when you donate, that $1 doesn't go to me, nor do I get any kind of credit for it. Avon has some really great outreach programs happening; this is just one.

... baby steps ...
for nature,for business, in anything. all you can do is try your best, one step at a time.
should I write daily motivational emails? hahaha. no.

pps. FREE shipping on all orders this weekend only. use coupon code: FREE2010

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