Hawaii driving lesson

just fyi on driving in Hawaii -

1. fast drivers = locals, which means, the s-l-o-w drivers = tourists.  and oh my goodness, are they slow!  all cars here have Hawaiian license plates, there are exceptions, but only a few.  unless you had JUST bought an awesome, brand new, great gas mileage car, you don't bring your mainland car to the islands.  you just don't.  those tourists stick out like sore thumb, and obviously so annoying on the road.  I've been here 6 months; is that enough time here to complain about them?
if you come to visit, call someone you know to give you the tour.  like me!!  seriously, call me.  that way, you can stare out the window, or even stick your head all the way out to feel that warm hawaiian breeze, see everything, and just take it aaaaaaaaaall in. 

2. the freeway says 55-60 but people drive 70-75 ... that's normal thought, right?  coming from CA, that still conservative driving!

3.  logistically, the freeway is very different.  if you miss your exit on the mainland, you just get off at the next one, turn around, and go back.  not a problem.  if you miss you exit here, basically, you're screwed.  every single exit ... every single one ... is an entrance to another highway.  there is no where to turn around.  none.  gps is a slight help. you're never completely lost, but you do still have to take the long-ass way around, um, scenic route to wherever you're going.  total pain.
I wanted to carpool with someone to a class field trip we had, so I put her address in the gps and off I went.  well, it was me driving, and I of course miss the exit.  I normally have this gps set to go whatever route gets me there in the fastest time, well, I had to literally drive 15 miles to a certain exit to be able to turn around.  of all exits, it was the flippin' airport!  no airport is THAT easy to get in and out.

so so so ridiculous.
but of course it IS an island.  you can't get THAT lost, right?

oh, and let me add ...

I am thankful to have a car!

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