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(making up for yesterday - sick in bed again. I don't know what's up with that ... I'm rarely the sick one)

I don't know how a state goes about choosing its state flower, but I think Hawaii ought to change theirs.

the hibiscus is big, and huge, and I've only seen it in a few colors. there is no stem to cut so you can put it in a vase, and its way too huge to pick and put behind your ear, as Hawaiians traditionally do. maybe there are different breeds where you can do that, I don't know.

the hibiscus, of course, grows everywhere here. its paradise, what doesn't grow here, right?! but its missing something ... it doesn't really smell. I don't know about you, but I enjoy smelling my flowers.

plumeria ought to be the new state flower ... in my humble opinion. :)

these plumeria also grow everywhere and are in major abundance. in fact, most leis I've seen are made from these.

they grow on trees ... and Sam loves them because the trees are low enough for him to climb. he'll always go up
and then come down with a flower for me.

all together now - awwwwwwww! he knows I love them.

look at these pictures; they come in lots of colors. so pretty!

the one thing I can't really share with you is their smell.
its soft & sweet. think along the lines of a gardenia, but not so strong.

we have a plumeria tree right outside our back window.
since we are on the second floor, we see the very top of the tree, where a lot of the blooms are. I can smell these flowers everyday.

its a nice way to start the day!!

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