the BIG 1!!

Happy 1st Birthday sweet Elliott!!

the days are long, but the year(s) are short
someone profound said this ... anyone know who?

such is the case with kids.  there are days I wish would end so much sooner than later, and of course there are other days where I wish I could freeze us in the moment.  this year flew by!

everyday Sam has tried to play with Elliott.  he loves to be the big brother, although I do have to fend him off most days.  I end up saying things like: "his crying is the way he says STOP IT!!" "your his big brother.  love him, don't hurt him" "just wait until he can hit you back"
hahaha!  boys are crazy!

Elliott started walking around 10 months, so now that he's 1 year,he's pretty good at it. He can say Mama & Dad, and just recently added Papa and ball to his vocabulary.  do most boys develop physically first?  this is how Sam did it too; his first word was duck.  so cute!

Since he is so physical and strong, I thought it was time to put him facing forward in the car.  He definitely likes seeing what is going on, as you can see in this picture.  He still takes 2 naps a day, so when he falls asleep in the car and the carrier is no longer an option to keep him asleep, I have to try and transfer him to the stroller.  9 out of 10 times, he wakes up and we all lose that peace from his naptime.  I can't go back now, that would be mean to him and a bit selfish of me, don'tcha think?   ... he is growing up after all.

We had a little birthday party for him.  He LOVED his birthday cake! Grandpa said "aw, let him have another piece.  you're only 1 once!"   so I happily agreed ... and then someone mentioned a puking baby and I quickly changed my mind.  luckily Elliott did not get sick ... but geez, why didn't I think of that?!

His personality is really emerging.  He is a very observant boy, mostly watching how his big brother does things.  He is also turning into a funny guy, just like my other 2 boys.  In this picture, he wanted to show me what he was eating while screaming!  the laughing kind of screaming, not the tantrum kind.

Elliott has taught me a lot about myself this last year.  We've been in a season of trials (still are) and since Elliott has required so much of me this year, I've had to learn to slow down and not get so caught up in all the "stuff."  Having a baby really, I mean REALLY, puts things into perspective.  and any good parent will know that no matter what is happening, family comes first.

hug and kiss your kids ... while they will still let you!!

today's word

my life is difficult lately.  definitely being tested.  it's a bittersweet season.

Sam's school is literally on the clear other side of town, the side of town I'd love to move to.  it takes a good 1/2 hour to get there from where we are now.
as I was driving home I start daydreaming about living in that neighborhood, thinking of all the positives to moving ... what if this, and what if that.  going over the argument that hasn't even happened yet with Matthew, working it all up in my head - yea that's bad, I know.
I've always said that I want to move somewhere, anywhere, and just stay there.  we've moved so much, and I REALLY HATE IT!!!  it's something I don't want my kids to have to get used to.  all the unstability is truly maddening!

so I ask myself "why do you want to move and stay somewhere SO badly?"  getting settled will give me the ability to connect, grow, and get involved with the community; the stuff I like to do. like all the farming parables in the bible, I want to get planted, grow strong roots, and blossom.

and then I thought, where are your roots?  in whatever house you want to live in?
then God says to me, where are your roots suppose to be?  of course, I cried.

and that's been Matthew's argument all along.  it shouldn't matter where you live, or how many times you move.  where is your focus?

I was given a kingdom perspective today.  wow.

I still HATE the idea of moving, but now my spirit knows better.  I also know that where ever my roots are, chances are my kids will follow ... no matter how many times we move.

get outside

now that Colorado Springs is having nice weather (FINALLY!!) I'm so anxious to get outside and explore. I'm not so much an outdoorsy girl, as in I still can't pee without a toilet, but I feel such a connection when I'm in nature. there are just too many perfect, non man-made things to be found outdoors, that it's a constant reminder of our Creator, and I love it!

check these links out: and

my family and I went on a hike today. the weather was perfect, I was in great company ... but I did get a blister though. the description didn't match my imgaination and I didn't wear the right shoes. turned out to be a REAL hike, not a stroll through the woods.
for my Chico readers, I'm convinced there is a place here in CoSprings like Bidwell Park. I miss that place! it's so beautiful there! I would think if there is a place similar, it would be in Colorado. no?

baby E

oh my sweet Elliott. I started weaning him a couple of weeks ago, and finally, today he went down for his morning nap without crying at all.
since birth he eats then sleeps; it's magic milk! but for these last couple weeks, he's gone to bed awake with a not-as-full belly. he would fight it, and cry, and scream. I normally go in 2-3 times to hold him and calm him down, probably every 10-15 minutes, but after 3 times it's time to cry it out! I'm convinced, there is no other method. you can't let them have ALL the control. I know many would disagree with me, but I seriously think you're asking for problems going into toddler years and beyond. you'll see. :)
so no crying today means he gets it. definitely a milestone.

and since I'm not nursing so much, he's starting to eat what we eat. he eats a lot, sometimes as much as his big brother! he hasn't had most dairy yet; he's tried eggs and a bit of my cottage cheese. he's now like a puppy begging for food whenever it's out. cute ... for now. :)

my baby will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks. wow! seriously, where did the time go?! it's bittersweet.
uh oh, I just thought of something ... are 1 year olds toddlers?

I'm very happy with my boys right now. with Elliott walking, Sam is able to play with him. it's so great to hear giggling in the other room, knowing their relationship is building upon this. they play hide and seek a lot (of course Sam is the one always hiding) and they like to play on the keyboard together and dance. seriously, Elliott dances ... ok he sways. he sways to everything, it's very cute and fun to watch.

pictures to come from his birthday, stay tuned.

anyone like me?

for anyone who loves to save a buck
for anyone who hates clipping coupons because you always forget to use them
for anyone who eats ... yes you!

along the lines of TJ Maxx and Ross, there are grocery stores that do that too.  they buy in bulk items discontinued, or items about to expire, or can with dents ... they buy imperfections with perfectly good food inside!

check out his link and find a store near you!

I went to one near me and saw cake mixes for 50 cents, salad dressing (full, normal sized bottles) for 60 cents, bottled water was 6 for 1 dollar, lots of spices, candy and snacky things, but I also found toys, diapers, and paper goods.

now these are stores you do not go to with a list.  you have to go and shop for the good deals.  their stock changes constantly, so you have to take it while you can get it.  it's a great way to save on your grocery bills!

Mama '09

Happy (belated) Mama's Day!!

this is my first year to get a home-made gift.  he did a little song and dance at school and gave me a spider plant in a beautifully decorated styrofoam cup.
love it!

I love all his little art projects, from home and at school.
I love to see him express his imagination ... even though sometimes I say "wow cool! what is it?"

old age

here is a sign of my old age ... or the dementia kickin' in!

there was still batter left over after we had already eaten, but instead of paying attention and staying in the kitchen, I went off and took my shower.

I come out smelling something strange ... finally I found it.
looks like a chocolate waffle, but I assure you, it is not!


I'm surrounded by boys.

I've always been fairly "open" with Sam; changing my clothes, going potty, taking showers, and whatever else I used to do privately.  when he was younger, he would just barge in like he owns the place.  now he just comes in because it's become the norm.  whatever.
in my mind, it's a form of bonding.  we do "private" things together, creating a level of intimacy.  nothing sexual of course, but a level of comfort.  does that make sense?  hopefully it does without me sounding ... gross.

so Sam is now 4 1/2 years old.  whenever I'm in the shower, and he feels like taking a shower, he'll just come in and join me.  
the other day, he was staring.  I sort of called him on it, he stopped, but then did it again.  it kinda weirded me out, so I ended my shower early.

when he was younger, he's done all the poking, squeezing, giggling about body parts ... on me, on Papa, on himself ... actually he still giggles about himself sometimes.  now that's he's older, we've taught him that it's not appropriate to touch anyone else ... or for anyone to touch him like that.  luckily he "gets it" and it's not a battle we have to fight with him at every shower.

I suppose at this age comes new levels of curiosity.  isn't 5 too early to be staring?  
it's not all the time, but now I'm looking for it.  actually, I've arranged it so he showers more with papa and takes bathes with little brother.  he's always been a water-baby, so whenever water gets turned on, he's there regardless of who else is in there.

I'm posting this to get advice, if you have any.  I'm I paranoid?  if you have boys, where do you draw the line?  or if you have girls, when do they stop bathing with daddy?

with this kind of stuff, I don't like to get doctor's advice.  to me, there are certain things that should be by-the-book.  to me, these kinds of cultural/social things shouldn't be measured by-the-book.  advice from another mother who has been there is usually much better!