Costco freebie

what is not to LOVE about Costco?
aside from the fact your home better have lots of storage because you just get 6 rolls of toilet paper, you get somewhere closer to 100 ... ok, maybe more like 30.
- AND -
if you have to REALLY like granola bars, because when you buy those, you'll have one everyday for a year and still not get rid of them.

luckily, I have 2 boys & 1 husband that LOVE to eat.
and eat.  and eat.
and then eat some more.

you could say Costco works for us!

my point to this post ...

Costco is giving away Smart Cooking: The Costco Way for FREE all weekend long ... or as supplies last.  its a cookbook with recipes using ingredients from Costco + some easy stuff you probably already have on hand ... that's what the foreward says anyway.

go get it, and then tell me what you make from it.
I don't know where to begin; ALL the pictures look delicious!

bon appetit!

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