Birthday Fun!

For my family and friends that keep up with us here, enjoy pics of our big boy Elliott!
Considering our circumstances, we kept it low-key ... well as much as you can with 5 kids and sugary cupcakes. :)

a gift & card from his big brother

"Dear Elliott.  I am glad that you are turning 3."
so sweet.

He got "Let's Go Fish" game.  He's been pretending to fish everywhere (in the car, off the bed, outside) so this really was the perfect gift for him.
I love the tongue ... it helps him concentrate you know. :)

You can see how proud he was to do it all by himself!

He got to choose who played with first, and he didn't want anyone but his brother.

Then his Aunt Elizabeth (almost 6 years old) could play next with him.


Elliott & Aunt Elizabeth

Samuel and Aunt Victoria (almost 9 years old)

Happy Birthday to Elliott!!

ps. I'm getting really good at fishing too ... we've been everyday.

Blog #2

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You Capture - Pretty

when one becomes a good photographer, do pictures even need a caption? 
I'm not claiming to be there yet or anything, I'm just asking.


find something pretty
get out your camera
join us @ YOU Capture


the big 3

Happy Birthday to my Elliott.
today he is 3 years old.

Elliott is starting to show just how different he is from his big brother.  he has always just copied Sam, but now, he imitates him and then takes it up a notch.  and when he does that, then Sam imitates him.  its usually a vicious cycle that ends up really messy, and we are either all laughing hysterically or someone is crying like their arm just got cut off.

this boy is sweet.  he loves to love.  he's a hugger and kisser.
Elliott makes people smile real smiles.  what I mean is, you can often tell when people are having a bad day, week, or possibly just have a tough life.  Elliott comes along, and can get them to break that hard outer shell and smile.  and not just a fake smile; they smile with their eyes too.  you can see that its real heartfelt.  I have never ever seen someone be able to do that.  I love that about him. 

Samuel is also a people person, but he uses his words.  when he starts talking, people listen.  he's a natural leader.
when Elliott looks, laughs, touches, speaks, people respond too, just in a different way.  this boy is a natural supporter, and always seems to be encouraging others that way.
either way, my boys have been given a gift with other people.  and its just amazing to watch.

Elliott is very mischievous.  he's into everything, and loves it of course.  he even has his "evil little laugh" down,  you know the one I'm talking about.  as upset as I can get with him, I still want to get my camera and take a picture of whatever he has gotten into.  and when I do that, he knows I can't really be that mad.

he hates -
brushing his teeth
going to bed, or rather, staying in bed
his brother

he loves -
shower/bath time
his brother

he's talking in sentences more and more, and he's able to be specific about what he wants.  which is good ... and bad ... but mostly good.  I am excited he is becoming more independent, in fact, I am selling my last stroller which would make him officially a kid and not a toddler.  now if we could just get the potty training thing to happen ...

getting back into the bloggy-swing-of-things, birthday pics coming soon!

Elliott James,
I love you more than an elephant!
<3 Mama

Fingerprint Friday

I love Fingerprint Friday.
I think I need to do it more often.

most of my photos for this are outdoors somewhere.  aside from my kids, the "stuff" that make up my home are blessings, making life a little bit easier.  BUT they just don't compare to the beauty and awe I get from being outside.
there is something I connect with there that I don't get anywhere else.  I'm not a writer and am having a hard time finding the words ... maybe next Friday.

this day was a beautiful day and the sun snuck behind the clouds for a minute.  the size of the trees are bigger than enormous.  the clouds are so fluffy ... btw, I love clouds.

looking up into the sky, seeing this, I automatically begin to think of God ... since He's up there too somewhere.  does that make me sound like a kid - God is up & hell is down?  but it is .... :)

get inspired.  take a picture.  and join the fun.
check out Beki @ The Rusted Chain.

among other things ..

I've got lots happening right now in my life.  here is something from the "1/2 full" side of my glass.  look what I can do now ...

Katie Grimm, ASP

its pretty cool to have initials after your name. ha!

When I get my business license and when my business name is officially mine, I will have another blog exclusively for that.  I can't tell you my brilliant name ... you know, just in case. :)

This other blog will be mostly before & after pics of my projects, and also, design/decor tips & tricks that I learn along the way.

whoo hoo!

I luv Starbucks

I was headed to Starbucks the other day ... coffee, wifi, and time alone is the perfect afternoon for me. hey, I never claimed to be glamorous.

so I went to order my drink (grande skinny vanilla latte, hot, no foam ... its seems like a mouth-full, doesn't it?) and she's ringing it up, all is normal.
and then she asks, "so how are you today?"
and I know all sales people do this, as well as, uppity people in coffee shops ... I'm not insulting her, but usually those that work in a coffee shop are "on" coffee, so they are extra happy, you know?
anyway, I told her the truth.  I didn't begin venting and tell her my drama, but I said, "you know, I've been better.  but thanks for asking."
and she stopped what she was doing and said, "you know what?  the drink is on us."
me - "what?  really?  you don't have to do that."
her - "yep.  we want your day to get better, starting right now."
and I looked at the barista there, and all he could do was smile and agree with her.

WOW Starbucks, thanks!

now if you're the stingy type, you can go and try this, however, I'm not saying it guarantees a free drink, but ...

I was just honest.  and I somehow got the message that being honest is a valuable thing and still worth something.

that day, it was a latte.  hey, works for me.