18 of 30

earlier this morning I heard the boys playing in the other room. I could tell it was getting heated, as in, Elliott was doing something toddlers love to do, and in turn, it drives older siblings crazy. it has been a process in teaching Sam how to deal with someone who doesn't know better ... I'll just leave it at that ... but before I heard hitting &/or screaming that normally follows, I hear Sam say "it was YOUR choice not to listen Elliott!"

guess who usually says that in this house?

this afternoon, as we're doing our schoolwork, Sam says to me "will you excuse me for a minute mom?"
after that instant shock wore off, I said "of course!"

this bad mommy will admit, my manners are not quite THAT good. that is one I don't usually say (ok, I never say that) but am thankful he picked it up wherever he did!

Moms, let us try not to focus on the bazillion times we have to say things, but rather, know that it gets in there, somewhere around the 500th time is my guess. it eventually comes out into practice, this one I'd say is closer to the 1,000,000th time its said.

think of the payoff that comes. as always, it will be when you least expect it. and, its something to be thankful for.

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Laura said...

Love it!! I love seeing my kids learn, it is so exciting.