AIDS day

do you know someone with AIDS/HIV?
today is AIDS Day.  I haven't officially checked into this, but its probably more like AIDS Awareness Day ... everything is so generically PC now.

I have heard stories and read the news over the years about the journey of infected patients.  there is nothing fun about it.  the (routine) medication process is so completely debilitating on the body; it seems similar to what chemo does to a cancer patient.  kills everything but your spirit.

I knew someone who was diagnosed, years ago.  his journey was a whole 2 months, so I didn't witness the "traditional" progression of it.
you can read last year's post about that HERE.  I just re-read it myself ... I'd probably write it a bit differently today, but for the most part, I still agree with myself.

still, I think of him from time to time.  and still, it brings tears to my eyes.

I know that today isn't (necessarily) remember-all-the-people-you-know-who-died-of-AIDS day, in fact my friend died in the summer.  still, as AIDS Awareness Day, and him being the only association I have with this disease, it becomes a day of remembrance for me anyway.

today, I'd like to share the poem he wrote.  this was on the back page of the program to his memorial service.  I wonder if he'd be ok that his family shared this ... working together as much as we did, I didn't know he was a writer at all.  it was kind of a nice surprise to see, on such a sad day at his funeral.

by Mitch Beasley

The man and wife
together, in love
A child is born
God's gift from above

Love and kindness
meet all of his needs
Faithful attempt
to know where this leads

Choice to be made
his parents know right
But only his
today or tonight

"He chose 'the way'
Good Christians rejoice"
Still, he struggles
to silence that voice

That voice, all pain
but burned with desire
He fights with might
still the flames rise higher

Then the day shows
when fire, too torrid
Consumed his heart
on paths too horrid

"Good Christians come,
suffer his anguish.
The place he stands
is not in his wish."

Jailed by the flame
no exit, no out
Until the choice
he recalls, without doubt

"Call on my soul,
and wherever, to come."
"Father above
your will for mine.  Be done."

All fire, doused out
burns, char mark the spot
Remind all the souls
of this evil lot

But tribulation
has come and now gone
Let the spirit
return to his home

"Now come around
good Christians, again.
The boy has learned,
come back to this land."

Congratulate this boy,
facing his soul
For very few
could ever be so bold.

And when pain comes
Instead, don't choose to run
'Call on my soul,
and wherever, to come.'

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