its new years, and ....

my photos are so unorganized
chances are, I'll just skip a Christmas post altogether
eh, I'm out of my element anyway with this blogging stuff
you daily bloggers ... do you just have no one to talk to???
how on earth do you blog so much???
of course, I have no one over 6 to talk to either ... haha!

skipping the long complicated story, we are staying in a condo in downtown Waikiki for the weekend.  for free!  I love free!

I got to walk down to starbucks this morning.  it was lovely.
there really are some great things about living in a city.  and now, after living in the country (or what the locals call county ... but actually, its not really country) its nice & refreshing, convenient & easy.

I have forgotten a few things about this city ...
- there are TONS of people, and at starbucks, the line was out the door.  but the crew behind the counter must've had their coffee too, and it actually didn't take too long.  it was sort of amazing.
- almost everyone in there was in workout clothes.  they had all just finished their jog/walk/bike ... but to starbucks??  who drinks coffee after a workout??  I don't get it.
- and apparently its ok to be more or less naked since the beach is directly across the street ... good grief! why wear anything at all?!

- I took another route on the way back and passed by a church.  there was a homeless man sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the front steps.  I know a lot of people choose to be homeless, especially here, but still, I wonder how people end up where they do.  don't you?
then I noticed his cardboard was one big puddle.  the man was sleeping in a puddle of piss.  whaaaat?!  I was upset ... I was so sad, so disappointed, and so angry all at once.  I still am not sure what to think of it ... but if I had an extra pair of pants with me, I would've left 'em for him.

- at night, this city is very much a party place.  the party-ers I don't like are the tourists.  its like watching spring break on mtv, which to me, is disgusting.  go get drunk, naked, and stupid at home.  you don't need to go on vacation to do that!!  right?!

- apparently Hawaii is banning fireworks, so new years will be the last big show.  this is why we came.  we plan on heading to the beach to watch.  should be fun!

have a happy & safe new years!!  
ps. I have a resolution list in the making ... rough draft, you know. :)

later tonight -
so wouldn'tcha know it ... I ended up at burger king for dinner.  its a glamourous life, you know.  but I had to walk past that same homeless guy to get there.  I don't think he moved an inch.
still unsure of how I feel about it ... but let me also say, it really doesn't matter what I think in the scheme of things, just to myself I suppose ... but I wanted to do something, so I bought him a couple chicken sandwiches.
I had Elliott with me.  he didn't get it of course, but he saw.
I couldn't give him pants, or a shower, or a comfy bed.  he gladly took the food though, and, I'm glad I could help his stomach at least.

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