goodbye Eeyore.
you have been loved by 2 little boys ...

you mostly stood guard for Samuel in his crib during his nap/bedtimes.  we played your heart song (that button inside its body that kids can never find) twinkle twinkle little star often, but Samuel's lovey turned out to be someone else.  I hope that didn't make you sad.

but I saved you, and its a good thing I did.

you have brought much comfort, lots of kisses & hugs, and that wonderful song of yours to Elliott for 2+ years.  he never took a binky, but he did find the tag on your bottom; chewing & sucking on that thing until there just wasn't much left.  see picture.

by the way, I never really understood when I heard other moms say their babies love tags ... I get it now; its a real obsession!

Elliott has loved you deeply ... up until he threw you in the toilet and now deems you as "eeeeeewwwww! P-U!"  his words, not mine, Eeyore.

I have washed you many times, and although your song continues to play, Elliott knows that deep down, somewhere, somehow, you're still stinky.

so with that, its time to say goodbye.

thank you for doing your job ... loving my kids.

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