good news

a good news update -

by total "coincidence" our neighbors neighbor (people we know in the complex, just on the other side of the complex ... our neighbors, right?  it was their next door neighbors.) was cleaning out the kids room and had some stuff to give away.

I'm told the "kid" is 17 and is just now getting around to getting rid of his toys from youth ... kind of like toy story 3, maybe?  but we didn't know this guy.  he wasn't necessarily giving to give, but maybe he was ... I think it was more like getting rid of junk.  either way, its a HUGE blessing for us to receive it.

there are TONS of hotwheels, along with buildings & roads to build for them, various balls, a kite, a big box of legos ... lots of boy stuff.

it was really making me sad that the boys wouldn't have anything to open from us for Christmas.  I cried.  it was perfect timing.

God gets me.
that's perfect too.

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