good grief

does it bother you to have too many choices?

you go to the grocery store for 1 thing, and there you find an whole entire isle dedicated to that 1 product.  100 different manufacturers that claim to be the best, when really, they're all the same.  yet, I still have the hardest time choosing.  you?

in a department store you find thousands of shirts, and still you have to look at every single one before buying 1, right?  I do.  ugh.  what a chore.
I haven't shopped in a department store in {what seems like} forever, but same principle applies to thrift stores.  maybe even more so because you never know what you'll find there, so you want to make sure you everything.  its fun, but also a chore.

today I began a search to see what other designs there are for this lovely blog.  why?  no reason really ... but now I see that there are TONS of adorable designs out there.  and FREE too.  I'm definitely too cheap to pay someone to design a blog ... although, to you professionals bloggers out there, you're blogs look great.  I can totally see why you'd hire someone else!

  • I'm looking for something girly, but not too girly ... because that's not me.
  • something you don't have to squint to focus on when you come to my page.  that would be a turn off.
  • something not too busy.  that would just make it automatically ugly.
  • something simple, but pretty.
  • something different & original, but not crazily abstract.

I somehow feel like it will be one of those things that when I see it, I'll know it.  yes I know it can be changed, but ... oh, I don't know.  I don't want to hassle with it.  I know that if I don't love it, I'll end up changing it every 2 weeks or so ... and won't that be annoying for you?!
its like some kind of identity crisis.  hahahaha.  I guess this is my OCD side kicking in.

those of you that did not hire anyone, who use blogspot for you blog (or maybe that matter?), and want a cute blog, where do you "shop" for it?  help.

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