not the "haha" funny

I think its funny that the most loved holiday is Christmas.

I think its funny how people talk about the Christmas Spirit, and somehow, this Spirit allows people to be more generous and thoughtful of others.

I know you've heard this before ... CHRISTmas.  now, how did HIS name get in there?

I know that every family has their own traditions, and yes, its not quite like that of 2000+ years ago .... but at the same time, it is.

families come together to eat, drink, & be merry. we get together and celebrate the day, together.
kind of like when Jesus was born; it was celebrated among many.

we give gifts to people who are important to us, who have a place in our hearts.  we give much, because we were given much.
kind of sounds like that CHRISTmas spirit, no?  allow me to be the first (or not) but the Spirit IS real.  you're not imagining it.  there is "something" in the air.

we all have either a star or an angel on top of our tree, right?
and that's just like how the wise men followed a star to find that newborn baby, meanwhile, the angels rejoiced.

its funny.

I also its funny how so many people know and sing our traditional Christmas songs.  you are proclaiming so much more than you know.  sing it loud!

so many don't claim to be christian, but the traditions of long ago are still very much happening ... which to me, says the same thing as ... you don't have to be a christian for God to be real.  you don't have to believe its Christ's birthday, but it is, and its happening anyway.

just my thoughts for tonight ....

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