a priceless moment

my Elliott is 2 1/2 years old.  I am insistent on naptime, even when he is not.  I will ride this one to the end ... its all us moms have!  and since I'm not having anymore kids, this really IS all I have left!!

when Samuel was 3, I was pregnant with Elliott.  I was so wiped-out being pregnant the second time around AND ON TOP OF THAT chasing him all over the place that I was insistent on naptime then too.  it was great to nap together.  I think that's the only reason it lasted as long as it did with him.  however it happened, I sure am thankful for those times.

I can't nap with Elliott; he has to be a solo napper.  I now use naptime as school time with Samuel.  sometimes it overlaps with Elliott being awake, so I'm having to keep him busy ... with something.  by the way, tips on that would be appreciated!

my point for the solo nappers ... they have those few moments before actually falling asleep.  moments of freedom in their rooms, when no one is watching them to say no.  those moments of being 1/2 asleep, not really knowing what they're doing.  somehow no matter how tired they are, that desire to anything they want holds on until the last minute.  and here's what you get ...

sometimes it takes him awhile to fall asleep, but never more than 20 minutes or so.  when it becomes quiet in there, I don't go in.  I know he's asleep.
I didn't see this until he came out of his room.  he was again, 1/2 asleep, and walked out stumbling a bit, wondering what was going out with the rest of us.  he always thinks he's missing out on so much.

he forgot he was wearing these until we tried to take them off.  he put his head all the way through the leg holes, so it wasn't so easy to get them off.  but, very very funny.

at least he got them out of the drawer and not the dirty clothes!

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