maybe I do need Santa

I am totally missing the Christmas Spirit this year.

  • we're in a new place.  so no family, no church family.
  • no snow on the ground, so no reminders its Christmas time at all ... I'm from WI where we did actually have white Christmas'.   not too many people put up lights and such here either.
  • new job with no money coming in ... without money, there will be no gifts, no tree, no decor, no lights, nothing.  I am sad that its money that could change that.  honestly, I miss all the traditional stuff of the season, and not the not having money thing.  really.
  • and I can't seem to forget I married a man who has always been a Scrooge and who is not "a fan" of traditional things.  boo.
its depressing, right?

I am doing my best not to turn into a Scrooge.  not something I want to pass onto the children.

I understand having stuff is not what Christmas is about.  its about giving and not receiving.  its about living in the moment, while you're making memories.  how do you do that with the above list? 

even with money, we'd do this stuff.
here's our yesterday ... aaaaaaand I'm out of ideas.  help.

opening his snowflake

makes a cool shadow in the afternoon

looks strange with this background, doesn't it?
it does for me.

yes that is a pig, a turkey, and a bunny that you see.
don't ask why.  

as you can see, I'm not great at rolling even dough.
practice makes perfect, I suppose.
good thing hubby likes those really crunchy ones!

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Anonymous said...

We all need Santa! Embrace your traditions.