does this look like winter to you?!  its definitely a winter I've never known!

while the rest of you are getting buried in the snow, shoveling, sniffling, wearing 10 layers, and making hot cocoa, over here, we are packing a picnic and going swimming in the beautiful Pacific.

do you know how awesome it is to go swimming, way past where you can touch, and still see your feet in the water?!  aaaaaaaaamazing!!

yea, I've got to rub it in a little bit.

we live in Makaha, and if you look at a map of Oahu, you'll see Makaha is at the faaaaaaaar end of the west side.  there is no paved road that goes all the way around the coast of Oahu, which is kind of a bummer.  these pictures were taken at the dead-end.  where the paved road ends, there is a trail that will take you to the north side, but I pretty sure it would be  a looooooong hike.  definitely not something I could do with the boys.  some people with 4x4's think they can make it through, but I haven't heard a success story yet.


apparently winter in Hawaii means the waves are huge and the current is strong.  all the beaches have warning signs up.  every time I'm there with the kids, the lifeguards come over to warn us, thankfully.  

its easy to see the point breaks, which is, you can tell where the big waves are coming from and they go one way, that's where all the surfers go to wait for that "perfect wave."  then on the opposite side, its nice and calm, which is good for the boys and I.  strange how that works.

I'm told all the surfing contests are in the winter season.  we have yet to go to North Shore and watch; that's where the BIG waves are.  those guys are flat out crazy, but, so fun to watch.

ps. I was at 9,000 feet in Colorado last year, so I do very much remember what you're going through.  I empathize!!  grab some marshmellows, light a fire, and stay warm!
... and while you're sitting there, imagine yourself at the beach!

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