3, 2, 1, go!

goodbye 2010 ... hello 2011

do you say twenty-eleven?  or two thousand eleven?
just curious.

here's my list of resolutions, goals, and things I want to do this year ..

  • like everyone else, I'd like to drop another 20 pounds.  and the obvious ways to do it are to eat more fruits & veggies, less processed crap, more exercise, more exercise, and more exercise!  I'd like to work on my baby gut.  you know what I'm talking about ... that part of you belly that was never there before, but even 2 1/2 years after you last baby, its still there.  ugh.  I was never thin, never had a flat stomach let alone ANY muscle definition, and I don't even want that now.  well, ok, I'd take it if someone could just hand it to me!  but lately, I look in the mirror and that's all I see.   I'm going to start simple and do 50 sit ups a day ... is that too much?  25 maybe?  so nevermind the number, just make it a habit to do some everyday.
  • drink more water!  I rarely drink soda, so I'm good there.  my problem is that I just don't drink, anything.  I can eat a meal without a drink at all.  is that strange?  when I do that too often, the headaches come.  those are not fun.  plus drinking more water will help me lose weight too.
  • floss daily & wear my lovely retainer regularly ... hey, its better than having to get braces again!  almost anything would be better than that!
  • start volunteering again somewhere, this time with Sam.  if possible, with Elliott too.
  • start a garden of anything edible, on my little patio if need be
  • get some guts and go get a brazilian.  and live to tell about it. seriously.
  • take a surfing lesson.  and live to tell about that too.
  • make it or break it with Avon
  • start working again in the design world somewhere.  I still hoping for something great to come from this home-staging class I'm taking.
  • get my tattoo redone, finally.
  • I really want to go home to see my fellow cheeseheads.  I miss my cheese!  this year will be, dare I say, 15 years since I've graduated ... is there ever 15 year reunions?  or is it every 10?  well, it'd would be a good excuse to go ... of course I wasn't huge on school spirit, but still, there are a few people I'd like to see and catch up with.
  • get good at finding & using coupons, AND, taking advantage of the loop holes to save lots of money.  have you seen that show on TLC about coupons?  this guy had a total of nearly $6,000, seriously, and after using all his coupons, his total was $250.  I would not have believed it if I didn't see it myself.  good grief!  now those people just buy whatever because they can get a screaming deal, often free, but I don't have the space in my home or the time to invest to get a huge stockpile going.  I know it can be simple, and I know I can do it for items we actually use &/or need.
  • I want to learn to use my camera, like REALLY use my camera.  I know I have a nicer one (Nikon D40), the nicest one I've ever had anyway, and, I'm embarrassed to say, all I use is the automatic setting.  I have funny kid moments to catch, beautiful Hawaii to capture, and I want to be ready!

that's what I've got so far ... good list?

ok, I realize, its on the selfish side. digging deeper, I've noticed that I have made it a habit to rely on a certain someone else to make sure I'm taken care of, with things like on this list.  obviously no one can physically do most of this stuff but me, but I needed someone else to make the time so I COULD do it.  since the beginning, my schedule had revolved around someone else's ... and now its 3 someone else's.  in all honesty, to be positive, to stay positive, if mama isn't taken care of, everyone else will feel it.  if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy ... there is some truth to that!

what's on your list?

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