this counts as science in my book

I posted awhile ago that my boy(s) need recess first before concentrating on school ... or anything that takes focus.  they both just wake up with FULL energy levels.

I've been slacking on that, and yesterday when I realized their morning cartoons were finally turned off right before lunch.  that doesn't happen daily, but still, I felt so guilty.

it hit me like a ton of bricks; we all get so unmotivated to do anything if we're couch potatoes first thing ... and I don't even watch, I get caught up in reading the news, blogs, facebook, emails, etc.

bad mommy.  bad teacher.  bad example.

today is a new day.  luckily I got another chance.
today, they got up at 630am.  not cool.  at least wait for the sun to come up!!  right?!!
for me that means, no walk = 1+ cup of coffee.

we still watch cartoons, but only for an hour or so.  we have breakfast, then its out the door to discover what's out there ... even if its just a walk within our gated complex.  no shower required.  just throw on whatever + shoes + my camera!

today we woke up to clouds and a bit of rain.  that's winter in Hawaii.  no sun makes it cool, but definitely not cold.  jacket optional.

but having this "winter weather" allows us to see things we don't normally get to see everyday.  the snails were out.  the peacocks stay out longer since its not hot.  the air smells different.  the mountains looks different.  and as far as bugs go, its like a whole new world.  needless to say, Samuel LOVED it.

look what he found today ...

this is the beauty of homeschool.  isn't it great?!

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