a wish come true ... sort of

have you read this book?

I bought this book for 10cents at my local thrift store.  I do try to get these kids to the library because they love getting new stories and pictures in their brains, but I do think its important to have a home library too ... I'm not saying Annie the Apple Farmer will complete your collection, but you know what I'm sayin'.

there are sooooo many cute kids books out there.  there are some really talented people that know how to communicate with kids about any subject and also, create illustrations to stir the imagination.

this girl Annie gets so many apples from her orchard!  she bakes and bakes and bakes; pies, muffins, cookies, applesauce, and then takes all her goodies to the farmer's market.

ok, so you will probably get nothing from this book, but for whatever reason, I love it.  the first time I read it, I said to myself, "self, wouldn't it be great to be an apple farmer?"  and suddenly I wanted to be an apple farmer.

here's what I imagined ...
apple season is in the fall, my favorite time of year.
the beauty of an orchard and being outside in it, plus Annie has a house there too.
I love to bake sweet things.
I love to eat apples.
but the best part -
to have your own business that includes all these things you love.

you think she's sick of apples?
too many apples is a bad thing, I understand.

my point is this coincidence ...

this last week we bought apples from Costco.  they're big, juicy, and my kids love them.
this week we visited a food bank and received lots more apples, but these, were the last of the bunch and are all bruised and not ideal for snacking on ... and then the light bulb hit ... but they will be great to bake with!

and so I found myself with more apples than I knew what to do with.  in a strange way, I found my secret wish of being an apple farmer coming true ... no, I don't have the orchard, or the house, or even fall ... but I have my own business (cooking for my family), lots of apples, and a love for baking.

I love this recipe site, and so far I've bookmarked this, this, that, and this.  I have used apples in a pork dish before, and it is yummy, but I don't have any granny smith's, I have all galas's ... I think.  what else should I do with these apples?

I'm usually the one to read to my kids ... sometimes we'll read throughout the day, but we always, always, always, read books before bed.  I'm glad that Elliott is now old enough (2 1/2) to sit and pay attention, and Samuel is now 6, so sometimes, he'll read to me.  I know they both love this tradition, and I do too.  don't just read the book to your kids, let it inspire you too.  thanks Annie! :)

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