the good samaritan

I've been driving 1985 Mazda GLC ... you know you want one!
hubby paid $240 for it.  for real.

I have to say, I do miss having a clean, non-rusted car with leather seats, along with a working air conditioning, and also a working CD player.  sigh. 
its FAR from pretty but it works, and that's what really matters.  
its actually been a great car to us, until today.

we've been driving it for a couple of months now.  we typically don't drive it all over the island, but then again, we don't typically do that.  its been a stay-in-town/beach car.
but today we did drive it to downtown Honolulu; about an hour drive from where we live.  its all freeway so nothing crazy, but today on even the small hills, it was struggling.  I was pushing through.  none of the dashboard lights were coming on and the temp stayed in the normal range, so I pressed on.

(feel the drama?)

all of a sudden, the car slowed way down and white smoke billowed out from under the hood.  the car died as I was pulling over.
and I was so close to getting there.  

now I'm your typical girl; I know nothing about cars ... aaaaaaaand I've seen too many movies where cars just randomly blow up from something like that, so I grabbed my stuff fast and practically ran away.  I was really glad that hubby had the kids and not me.  what a headache that would have been.  so I found a spot in the shade (like 50 yards away!) and I was waiting for hubby to come get me on the side of the freeway.

about 5 minutes later, I'm hearing a fire truck.  it past me, then it past the car, but then backed up to the car ... it was kind of funny.  they thought it was already abandoned at first and didn't see me since I was so far away.
there were never any flames, and the fire fighters seemed kind of bummed it was all so uneventful.  sorry guys!!  but they checked out the car and said they think its an oil leak or a blown gasket.  it might be time for this car to officially die, but hey whatever, we've definitely gotten our money's worth out of it.

someone driving by must have called the fire department; that's how much smoke there was.  THANK YOU whoever you are!!
 I was unnecessarily rescued ... it all could have been much worse and that phone call could have saved my life.

lesson of the day: be a good samaritan.  it will make a difference!

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