sweet or pervert?

I haven't walked in 2 weeks.  I've been feeling very blah, for lack of a better word, and so,  I decided THIS IS THE DAY to get to it again.  it was hard to get up at 5am, but it does so much for me mentally, so I know its worth it.  it will hit me later today how tired I am!

my walk is 2 1/2 miles, downhill first.  this means as I'm coming back into my complex, I have just climbed what feels like Mt Everest, and I have to walk by everyone who is all clean, showered, & dressed waiting for the bus.  and then there are those still in their jammies, just waking up and have to take the dog out to pee.  and of course the security guards, who, all they do is people watch.  I'm a sweaty mess coming back from that hill.

side note: this is Hawaii, so wherever you may live there are always places that are exclusively vacation rentals.  since I'm in more or less an apartment complex with many units, there are always people around that no one has ever seen before.

so as I'm turning my corner to come home, there this old man.  I'd say 70-ish; he going out for a morning stroll, all alone.

him: "you look like the hiking type" with a big 'ol grin on his wrinkly face
me: "I try!"
him: "are you a resident here, or are you visiting?"
me: "I live here"
him: "resident or are you visiting?" ... like I didn't understand
me: "I LIVE HERE" ... a bit louder than normal
him: "ahhhh, so glad there are some nice looking girls here" still, with that big 'ol grin
me: "oh, thank you.  can you be here every morning to tell me that?"

with that I kept on walking, not totally sure if he was a pervert (which all old men are, aren't they?) or maybe he was just a sweet old man, trying to make me smile.  it was a good laugh none-the-less, and even though it came from a 70-ish year old man, it was a good way to start the day.

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