Xmas in Hawaii

we had planned to have a beach day on Christmas, well, because we are in Hawaii and we can ... but wouldn'tcha know it, it was a yucky day.  everyone we know on the mainland was having a real winter - cold, rainy, snowy, cold, icy, windy, did I say cold? - and I have to say, it feels good not have to deal with that this year.  I do miss it, but then again, not really.

Christmas was definitely strange without all that yuckiness outside.  I mean, if you're going to be trapped inside, I'd say Christmas day is THE perfect day for it.  presents, family, food, fireplace, cocoa ... who cares what's going on outside!

it was yucky, but not cold, so no cocoa for us.  but as a reminder of last year, we had some snow ... sort of.  we could still pick it up and throw it, but instead of just leaving it to melt, we got to vacuum it up at the end of the day. :)

we decorated a bit and this is what the boys woke up to.
snow and a parade of cars!

they LOVED it ... and didn't even notice the presents.
they played for at least an hour before opening up any other gifts.

don't you love his excitement?!

this is heaven for Eli - BALLS!

I think he loves Christmas :)


I'm still allowed to say Merry Christmas, right?

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