Something New: Avon Review

don'tcha love when you rhyme by accident?!

so yes, I thought I'd do something new like a product review.  why not?  Avon has changed A LOT over the years, so allow me to be the guinea pig for you.

I am currently an Independent Avon Representative, and I'd say overall, its been a good experience.  I currently don't have 100's of regular customers, but as I go along, I'm learning a lot about the business side it ... the 100's of customers will come later.

Avon has been around for so long that is practically sells itself ... which is good for me because I'm really not into pressure selling.  but still, I know that if you try to sell something you don't truly believe in yourself, you will not succeed.  your attitude, your body language, even how you promote your product will not have the excitement it needs to get others interested.  if you're not pumped up about what your selling, why in the world would anyone buy it from you, right?

well for me, I cannot lie.  I can't tell you a certain product is awesome, when in fact, I used it myself and was so disappointed with the results.

happy to say I have loved most of the Avon products I've tried, but in doing a regular review, it will help me learn even more about the product(s), try them out, and help me decide if Avon is a product I'd like to continue to promote and sell ... and along the way, you'll get the inside scoop and be able take advantage of special promos I'll get to offer you.

- ALSO -
if you have ANY QUESTIONS, pleeeeeeeeease ask!
I want to know your experience with Avon.  good & bad.
tell me what products you currently use & what products you want to try.
want me to try something for you?  I can do that too.

my first piece of advice for Avon shopping is ... check the clearance section!!
there are always good great deals in there!  Avon does a pretty good job of rotating products in & out of clearance, which makes it a great place to try out something new; be it a new shade of eyeshadow or a new fragrance.

the only coupon code out right now is: FSC02
this is good for your order of $30 and more.
shop 24/7:

thank you and goodnight!!

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