after Xmas but before NYE

Sam doesn't like to be referred to as a baby anymore.  not even a little boy.
he's a big boy now, and he's acting like it ... in a good way.
his body is catching up too ... again in a good way, not in a gross, smelly way.  not sure when THAT day is coming.
in fact, I'm kind of scared of that day, but I digress ...

one day, out of the blue, Sam's tooth was waaaaay loose.  if it was ever a little bit loose, Sam didn't realize. when he discovered how loose it was, he'd show EVERYONE, and of course play with it endlessly.

eventually, little by little, it was hanging by a thread.  it made him giggle all the time; you could easily hear the excitement in his laughter.

do you remember that as a kid?  I do.

one night, Matt asked him "let's just pull it out"  and to my surprise, Sam said "SURE!"

Matt barely tugged at it, and it came out, so easily.  Sam was anticipating some pain because his eyes were shut tight, like he was about to get a shot or something.  he said "are you gonna do it?"  and then there was such a look of delight on his face when he saw Matt already had it in his hand.  

then he said "I'VE GOT TO GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!"  and we heard him screaming & giggling from the bathroom.  it was such a moment for him.

I asked him if I could keep it safe for him until bedtime ... we decided to do the tooth fairy thing with him after all ... but he insisted he could keep it safe himself, and of course come bedtime, he didn't know where it was.  he was bummed there'd be no visit from the tooth fairy, but I think he was still more excited that he lost it at all.  so no trauma.

in fact, we're all keeping an eye out since it may just turn up somewhere!

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amandatubo said...

i saw the funniest thing on a funny home video show. The Dad tied the end of a string to the loose tooth, and the other end of the string to a toy gun that shot those little nerf "bullets". The kid shot the gun, and out came the tooth, lol. Maybe Same could try it next time. Might even be fun. :)