YOU Capture - Circles

I was not at home a few days this week.  we were able to stay at a condo in downtown Waikiki, which was a fun change of pace for the kids & I.

it was here that I was in search of circles ...

Sam couldn't stop laughing.  then I couldn't stop laughing.
this was the best either of us could do!
but I do LOVE these baby blue circles.

your typical hawaiian decor.

what's a vacation rental without the gaudy golden fruit?!

1/2 the reason I came was for these circles.
the laundry was free to do, so EVERYTHING came along to get clean.

it's me ... and a circle, my Nikon D40
what kind of camera do you use?

Sam actually won this in the usual rip-off grabby-game in the arcade
... that's what I call it anyway.

and tonight we're home in time for this circle.
sunsets never get old.  never.

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Jennifer said...

These are great! I especially love the last one. It's gorgeous!

cat said...

Ah, that sunset is great.