food bank day

today I had a first ...
I went to the local food bank.

I kind of wanted to take a picture, but thought maybe it could have been offensive somehow.
it was a smaller one.  I'd say under 100 people there.  everyone had their box, bag, basket, wheelbarrow; anything to carry food home in.  it was kind of a sight to see.

you could tell the people there had been there many times before.  it was nothing new.  nothing to be ashamed of.
people saw friends, neighbors, and their other family members.  it was a kind of get together.

it was simply a way of life.

I felt funny.  a tad out of place.  I had never been before.
I never needed to go.

I always knew "the system" was there, for those who needed it.  I'm for it ... for those who NEED it.
I am also aware that there are people who take advantage of their no/low income status and get freebie after freebie after freebie.  in my opinion, its a bit discouraging.  I mean, why change anything if you get things handed to you over and over again?  and I have to say, its relatively clear that people here do just that.  sad.

Hawaii is so far, a VERY easy state to deal with.  after living in CA for so long, I now expect a thick packet of paperwork to fill out for every little thing, along with providing proof of everything.  In CA, even if you're standing in front of them, you still need proof of not just being human, but being alive too.   its beyond ridiculous!!

- here, you don't have to be here for a certain amount of time before you're a resident.  just go get a license, and when you do, there will be no line.  AND the people working there, will smile and mean it.
- when I registered Sam for homeschool, it was 1 piece of paper to fill out.  even the lady at the DOE said several times "Hawaii is a pretty hands-off state."
- at the food bank, I just gave them my ID and my current address, and that's it.

it must be all that sea air ...

the food I received is not ideal, as in, its not ever what I'd buy at the store.  I did get produce, but it is all on its way out.  the bread is all enriched white bread & rolls.  2 big bags of frozen french fries.  4 bags of frozen precooked pork patties ... there's always next week.

BUT if its this or nothing, this will do ... and I'll remind myself this is only temporary, but more importantly, I'll be thankful for it.

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Stacy of KSW said...

Kudos to you for having the courage to blog about your experience today. Sorry to hear about the hard times, but glad you took the steps you needed to get you through it. At least once you get your garden going, you'll have some healthy options too. I'll be planting ours soon if you want me to send you some seeds :) We only have a small bed too