Fingerprint Friday

God's creation continuously amazes me, and in Hawaii, its so easy to see such beauty.
its a paradise, after all.

my boys and I met a new friend yesterday ... fingerprint thursday maybe?
we found him just chillin' in the corner.  poor guy.  I'm sure he was clueless his fate would have him in the hands of little boys!  
they were soooooooo excited.  my oldest especially loves all bugs, insects, animals ... anything that moves, really.  its heaven for him.

our word for the morning was OBSERVE ... but still, he was thrown, tossed, poked at, screamed at, and dropped once or twice, but know that he was unharmed and made it out alive & well.  promise.  we've had other friends that weren't so lucky.

it blows my mind not only how all things were created, but also, what was created.  and although I'm curious to the design of this life and ALL those involved (this guy included), I'm at peace here & now know that all my questions will be answered when I'm in heaven with my Creator.  I can't wait to see & understand it all the way He does.

Go visit The Rusted Chain for more inspiration.  enjoy.

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artsyclay said...

I smiled reading this, remembering when my sons were your sons' ages and did unspeakable things to bugs too. Did you know detached spider legs wiggle?

To my surprise, I now have a grandDAUGHTER who loves bugs and praying mantises are her FAVORITE! She did not get this gene from me, trust me! I think she will be a famous entomologist someday.