Avon Review: Nailwear Pro

living in Hawaii, I'm always in sandals, slippers (aka - flip flops), or anything open-toed.  that means toes can be prettied up 365 days a year here.  well, ok, during the winter storms, not so much, so we'll say 300+ days per year!  that said, it makes sense that Avon's nail polish is first up for review.

for the record, I'm not a nail professional of any kind, nor do I go get my nails done regularly.  I'm too cheap for that!  I will treat myself to a pedicure every now and again, but otherwise, I'm a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to my nails.

I never paint my fingernails.  never.  for a couple of reasons ....
- being a mom and using my hands all the time, it chips way too easily.  the upkeep on fingernails is much more demanding, and I don't need one more thing to keep up with.
- also, you know how every woman has that one thing (ok, those few things) that they don't really like about their bodies?  my number 1 "thing" is my hands.  and I don't really want to draw attention to them.
but I digress ...

in my opinion, feet in general is just an ugly part of the body.  am I alone here?!
however, colorful nails (along with a cute toe ring or 2) will make them much, MUCH cuter.

look at all these FUN colors!!  available colors do change with current style/colors, just like the fashion trends in clothing.  being an Avon Representative you'd think I'd have quite the collection, but sadly, I have just 2.   I have lagoon blue & tropical punch.  both are bright, bold & cheery ... and both I found in the clearance section!

the regular price is $5.  if you can hold out for a sale, its usually 2 for $6 (I think).  you'll typically see this when open-toe season comes around in the spring and summer.  if you're a bargain shopper (or just cheap like me), always check clearance.  they usually have 1 or 2 hiding in there.

* steps to take for a good do-it-yourself pedicure *

step 1: take off any old polish.  I just use your generic, stinky, eye-watering nail polish remover.  Avon does have THESE, but I have not tried them as of yet.

step 2: since I don't use a pumice stone regularly in the shower, I have a Ped Egg Pro.  I LOVE this thing!  (I scored it as a Linens N Things was going out of business for cheap!) I use the "cheese grater" side for my heels, then the sandpaper.  of course Avon carries something similar, which you can find HERE.

step 3: I'll do a foot soak then use some lotion from Avon's Footworks line and do my best to give myself a non-tickling foot massage.  the foot soak softens and the lotion moisturizes.  I make a point to rub the lotion into each cuticle real good.  Avon carries THIS and THIS for your cuticles, but again, I haven't tried it yet.  ps. Footworks has everything from lotion, to overnight cremes, to masks, to scrubs. I'll do a review on some of that another time.

step 4: with my "cuticle pusher backer" (see how professional I am?) I do, well, just that.  a metal one works much better than any plastic one I've had.

step 5: trim with cuticle cutters.  do not be distracted when doing this.  these cutters are usually nice and sharp.  I usually do pedicure after my kids are in bed.

optional step: base coat - some people swear by it, and if that's you, check out THIS and THIS.  and then there is everyone else that don't seem to care, which is me.

step 6: color nail polish coat #1, let mostly dry

step 7: same color nail polish coat #2, let dry

step 8: clear polish.  it really is a good "sealant" to the color, as in, it will keep your color lasting longer without chipping.  also, it gives your colorful toenails some extra shine.  Avon explains how THIS will protect your color from UVA/UVB rays, another good point to completing through step 8.

Avon's Nailwear Pro gets a thumbs up from me!  here's what I like:

  • the polish brush is smooth and easy to maneuver.  not too big, not to little.
  • you never need more than 2 coats
  • I love all the fun colors available ... although I'm pretty confident I won't be buying the yellow
  • I think the pricing is good, but if you find it in the clearance, the pricing is GREAT!

what other features do you look for in a nail polish?
did I miss something?
a picture of my painted toes?  I thought of that, but really, who wants to see my feet?!
 tell me what other aspects I can cover in reviewing a product.  your feedback is important!

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