turns out ...

I'm not a chili fan.  we went to a chili cook-off in Big Bear yesterday.  when we were living in Reno, we went to the rib cook-off and that was soooooo yummy.  you figure you're going to get the best in the area at one of these things, but as it tuns out, I just don't like chili!
oh well, we still had fun.

Sam wanted to try the rock wall.   he's just 3, but he's always been such a climber. I knew he wouldn't make it to the top; it was pretty high.  but he did make it 1/4 of the way up.  he loved it and of course, he wants to go again!

we also went to the lake to dip our toes and throw in some rocks.  luckily we had some cloud cover, so it was a perfect summer day.

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