ponder this

so Eli's other ear is fine. in fact there was nothing there at all. could spit up somehow collect back there? it never did bother him, and there was nothing coming out of his ear, so I don't think it was any kind of discharge or infection. strange.

I'll still wash back there ... but not everyday.

different subject -
I found this in a parenting magazine: 7,000 - the number of children under the age of 11 hospitalized each year after having a reaction to an over-the-counter or prescription cough or cold medicine.
now it does also say the 2/3 took drugs without supervision - duh parents!! - but still, isn't that crazy?! don't be so quick to give your kids medication of any kind.

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Morgan said...

Hi Katie! I give Silas a bath about as often as you, but I wipe him down with a warm, damp cloth every night. I wipe down his face (including the back of his ears :), face, hands, and diaper areas, especially. I definitely think it could have been spit up back there! I know Silas has had the exact same thing...and, it stunk!