today Eli gets his first set of vaccinations. I'm nervous for him ... it's going to hurt, the poor baby! I believe whether or not kids gets vaccinated, God is in control. there are big risks when it's done and big risks when it's not. I honestly haven't done too much research on it; I've going with my 6th sense on this one. it's so controversial now and it's difficult to find the truth among everyone's opinion. Sam received all of his and Eli will too. God protect them.

Eli survived all 5 shots; barely. he cried of course right away and by the time he got the 3rd shot, his whole head was bright red. he did one of those screams that doesn't make any noise at all, which means it must have really hurt. I'm so glad it's done ... although more will come in just 2 more months.
he's growing growing growing! he's 8 weeks old yesterday, and he weighed in at 11 lbs 14 oz and is now 22" long. it so cool to know that my body is still helping him to grow; magic milk. there are times I can literally feel the energy leaving through my boobs. in the doctor's waiting room there was a medical tv show on and it said milk production burns between 200-500 calories per day, which is equal to 1 hour on the bike or 30 laps in the pool ... and who has time for that?! thank you, I'll keep making milk. it's like my super power, I can do it anytime, anywhere.


Morgan said...

here are times I can literally feel the energy leaving through my boobs

That cracked me up! :)

mrskgrimm said...

it's true though, right?!