fun weekend

this weekend was fun and totally laid back.
I took the boys to Gma/Gpa's house for a sleepover.
there are now a few extra items to bring along, but all and all, it wasn't too bad.

I've decided that I want to be a beach bum.  I could've been there all day!
Gma and Sam

a wave caught them and they both went under just minutes before this.
too bad I didn't have the camera ready for that one!  

Gpa and Eli

Gpa was talking baby jibberish and Eli was lovin' it!
such a kodak moment!

Samuel and Elliott

major resemblance, huh?
I often wonder who they will look like when they get older.
so far they both look like their mama ... so I'm told.
I love these kiddos!

Sam cannot wait to have a playmate.  here's how they play now.

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