our circus clown

like I said before, I'm trying to be crafty and creative with Sam. I will try to post most of our projects, the good ones anyway.

Sam originally asked ME if he could have stilts, which I think is kind of funny. it started with a book - we were reading stories before bed one night, and we had a book about the circus. inside Sam became fascinated with the really tall man juggling and asked if he could be that tall too. so I explained as best I could the 'magic' behind it, and that just made him want it more. I think he actually figured out that anyone could do it. I'm so glad he didn't want to learn how to juggle!

so instead of huge wooden stilts the circus would use, we used 28oz cans and string. I got the recipe from
familyfun.go.com; just type stilts in the search box.
we painted them this morning and once they were dry, I added the string. the bottom of the can, which is now our top, still has a lip to it so that means he can't do it bare-footed, but I don't think he cares much.
I think the recipe also recommends those plastic coffee cans, so you can screw the top back onto it. he's been walking around with these things for an hour or so, ever since I added the string. *warning: using metal cans on a tile floor is loud and sort of annoying, but it does make him smile! and he's learning balance and coordination; by doing stuff like this, he hopefully will not take after his clumsy mother!

I think it's awesome how a book opened his mind up to this new possibility. I myself am not much of a reader; I'll read my bible and parenting magazines, but that's about it.
we are going to the library every week for story time and to check out books. we also joined the reading program this summer too, so we're reading a lot lately.

even with babies just learning to play and pick stuff up, it's usually the simplest things that entertain them the most. books for Sam's age are not complicated, they're still very simple. not only are kids' minds sponges, but we've reached the age where his imagination begins to come out and shine. that's really neat to watch. I guess it's time to get in touch with mine too!

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