introducing King Samuel

we made a crown today, just because.
I don't have any real glitter, but used sprinkles from my baking goodies. once all the glue on the crown was dry, Sam started to pick of the "glitter" and eat it. so does that mean I buy real glitter for next time, I'm sure that won't taste very good, or maybe that should be the point.  or I could stick with the sugar, because no doubt he'll try to eat it again ... oh Sam!

I'm really starting to enjoy these crafts we make. I found the kids craft book section at the library and found a couple of great ones that focus on recycling your junk to make ... cool new junk! so start collecting you toilet paper rolls for binoculars, water bottles for bird feeders, and your egg cartons for all kinds of stuff! it's fun! note to self: just make sure baby is asleep before you start anything!

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Morgan said...

You are so creative, Katie!