homemade jewelry

today we used some old magazines and made necklaces with paper beads.  super easy for us non-crafters, really.
all you do is rip out a colorful page, cut loooooong triangles, roll it up from the base, using a glue-stick, glue at the end, and then thread it on a piece of string.
you can make necklaces or bracelets, for yourself or as a gift.  the materials are easy to find, it's easy to do - even Sam did it by himself once he got the hang of it, and it's a fun way to recycle!
here are all my boys wearing these cool necklaces. what a bunch, huh?  what good sports!

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Laura said...

Katie, I love you!! You are such an awesome mommy! I miss you so much, especially since I haven't seen Eli and Maggie has gotten so big,. I just read your post about your anniversary. I thought about you a lot that day( since it was our anniversary, too!) I am so glad I was there during the hard times and the good times! I love you! Hugs to you, too!