mother knows best?

I just finished feeding Eli. I was nursing in the livingroom and there is nothing to do but sit there and watch him eat. yes it's sweet to watch, to sit and think about him and the bond that's growing stronger just by him eating ... but I've thought all about that since the beginning, and this time I was just simply bored!
so I'm looking around for something to do, something to read, something to figit with, and I see that cute little earlobe of his. his skin is so soft and I can see little peach-fuzz hair on him. so I start caressing his ear, playing with it, and then I flip it to see the back side ... oh my goodness. I would guess he's like five years old with all the gunk behind his ear; it took me by total surprise!! well, I found something to clean while sitting there.
do you always clean behind your ears? as in literally moving your earlobe to scrub? I don't think I ever do ... but I suppose I'll start!

my mom is a firm believer in bathing your baby everyday, no matter what. even after what I saw, I still won't bathe him everyday - sorry mom. I know you're reading this mom, and I probably won't hear the end of this one, right?! I guess I bathe for odor, and babies don't smell ... aside from those lovely poopy diapers, but then you use wipes to clean them and they're fine. I bathe Eli probably every 3-4 days. Sam on the other hand gets one just about every night; that kid gets gross; dirty and smelly.

check your ears ... and you kids' ears too.
another lesson learned!

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